The Jumpmaster Committee serves to teach, train, and inspire Paratroopers and prepare them to assume greater duties and responsibilities as Jumpmasters within their units.

Jumpmaster Course

Course Prerequisites:

-Active Army and Reserve Component Officer and Enlisted Personnel (E-5 or above).

-Sister Service Members are authorized to attend as long as they are in a billet that requires the use of Jumpmaster skills and/or knowledge. Marine Corps and Air Force enlisted personnel, E-4 and above, may attend.

-Must be qualified as a Parachutist and have a minimum of 12 static line parachute jumps from a high-performance aircraft (C-130, C-141, C-17 or C-27J).

-Must have been on jump status for a minimum of 12 months. These months do not need to be consecutive, but they must be cumulative.

-Must have a static line jump within the past 180 days from a high performance aircraft and be a current Jumper until the class graduation date.

-All applicants must be able to reach and grasp a bar handle at 84 inches and be able to pull down on the handle while wearing a T-11 main and reserve parachute and combat equipment. Three points of contact must be maintained with the aircraft at all times. Extending to the balls of the feet is authorized. (NOT WAIVERABLE)

Note: All waivers to the above, must be routed from the first O-5 Commander or equivalent through the Assistant Chief of Staff G-3/5/7/9, 82nd Airborne Division. All waivers must be signed and in hand on the first day of training. Applicants can receive a waiver for ONE of the following: an Army Corporal with promotable status (indicated on their SRB), 12 months on airborne status, 12 jumps out of a high performance aircraft.

Required Equipment: Advanced Combat Helmet, or equivalent listed on the Approved Use List; ID Card; ID Tags; Clean and serviceable uniforms with appropriate headgear.

Required Paperwork: All XVIII Airborne Corps and 82nd Airborne Division applicants must provide a Pre-Test Slip ("White Slip") from the United States Army Advanced Airborne School or their organic Brigade (dated within 90 days of the course start date); DA Form 1307; Individual Jump Record, or Service equivalent; Applicable waivers.

Jumpmaster Pre-Test

Who: Paratroopers desiring to attend Jumpmaster School

Where: Building A-1917 Taylor Street NLT 0900 on designated training date

Required Equipment: ID Card, ID Tags, Harness Single Point Release, Hook-Pile Tape Lowering Line, approved MOLLE or ALICE Pack (refer to Approved Use List)

Expectations: Students will be tested on Nomenclature in a classroom setting. All students who receive a 70% or higher will then conduct a Combat Equipment Riggex. They will have 15 minutes to correctly rig their combat equipment. Upon the successful completion of both tests, students will receive a Pre-Test Slip, valid for 90 days. Any student who fails either of the tests will not be allowed to re-test on the same day, though they are welcome to return to future Pre-Tests.