TADSS Certification

Units are required to have personnel trained on the following device prior to being signed out of the warehouse: IEDES, XM-10, and XM-2A.

Request for Training

The Improvised Explosive Device Effects Simulator (IEDES) kit is to provide an extensive kit of equipment designed to be used together in a scalable fashion for Explosive Hazard Defeat (EHD) training. Allows units to safely create simulated battlefield cues, signatures and effects that promote effective learning for EHD. The system allows soldiers to train against counter-personnel and counter-material Improvised Explosive Devise (IED) threats.

The XM-10/ Artillery Simulator is used to provide simulation of IED or Artillery shell impact explosion for training soldiers how to react to these situations. The Devise provides a very robust blast wave and flash, giving a realistic yet safe simulation.

The XM-2A produces the sound and flash effect of live machine gun for training and recognition purpose. This device is portable and easy to conceal and operate. The XM-2A can be operated with a manual trigger wire or by remote control.