Home-station Instrumentation Training System

Homestation Instrumentation Training System (HITS) enhances live training at home stations with instrumentation. Live training instrumentation is the use of telemetry and information technology during live simulations (field training exercises) to receive and transmit tactical engagement effects data through instrumental TESS; record instrumented entity status and locations, and display training performance feedback as multimedia (electronic, audio, and visual) evidence in support of the training unit's After Action Review(AAR). Instrumentation enhances live training by contributing to the training diagnostic process of the AAR. It provides the tools for the training unit leaders, supported by HITS operators, to collect, analyze, and present training performance feedback to their unit in the AAR and Take Hope Package (THP).

All training is done through RFMSS <-- click here


This trainer requires a Leader's Recon NLT 30 days prior to training dates. Please contact (910) 908-1893 or (910) 907-2654.