HMMWV Egress Assistant Trainer

HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer (HEAT)

The HEAT increases the situational awareness of vehicle rollover by permitting the instructor to observe driver performance and reaction to emergency conditions without requiring the use of an actual vehicle. The device reinforces the importance of seat positioning, wearing seatbelts, demonstrating the feeling of being disoriented and the actual effort required to execute rollover procedures. The trainer allows individuals and crews to rehearse and physically execute the necessary steps required to survive a vehicle rollover.


HEAT Participation Screening Sheet

DD Form 2977

All Training and certification is scheduled though RFMSS<–click here


The HEAT requires at least two certified operators. The unit will not be allowed to run the HEAT without the following:

  • DD Form 2977
  • Two certified Operators
  • GOV to be used as an EVAC vehicle with CLS
  • The proper uniform

The unit has two hours from scheduled start time to occupy the trainer. After that time the trainer will be available to other units. The max number of personnel we can train in a single 8-hr work-day is approximately 80.


Operators must be in the rank of E5 or above. The maximum class size is 20, the minimum is 3.