How to Enroll

1. Provide your full name, email address,  cell phone number, and the month and time (morning or afternoon) you wish to take the class in the box below. A staff member will enroll you in the appropriate BSEP class. You must have a GoArmyEd account. Your enrollment form and sample DA Form 4187 will be loaded into your E-File

2. Print the enrollment form and have your commander sign it. Use the sample 4187 to fill out a blank form. You and your commander must sign and date it. Your commander must be a O-3 or above. If the person who signs the 4187 is not an O-3 or above (ie, a Warrant Offier, First Sergeant, Lieutenant, etc), then you must also attach the Assumption of Command memo.  Turn in hard copies of these two documents on the first day of class.

3. Call the Ft. Bragg Testing Center Office at (910) 396-2537 to schedule the required placement test, the TABE 11D. The TABE is administerd every Tuesday.

4. On the first day of class, report to Room G-121 at BTEC with your enrollment form and DA For 4187 at 0730 for the morning class or at 1230 for the afternoon class. Those who were not able to take the required placement test prior to the class start date will take it today. We also accept walk-in as space is available.

*The July BSEP class and ongoing will be hybrid, which means that you will be in the classroom two half-days per week (mornings 0900-1200 or afternoon 1300-1600) either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. The rest of the material will be online using Blackboard. Please remember that you will be required to study and prepare.

Privacy Advisory