Welcome to Fort Bragg

Home of the Airborne and Special Operations Forces

Fort Bragg is Home of the Airborne and Special Operations and is often called “the center of the military universe.”

When America needs her armed forces, the first phone call is to Fort Bragg, Home of XVIII Airborne Corps, “America’s Contingency Corps.” The 82nd Airborne Division provides the Global Response Force; and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command is headquartered here. Originally known as Camp Bragg, Fort Bragg was founded in 1918 as an artillery training post. >>> Fort Bragg History

The largest U.S. military installation in terms of population, Fort Bragg has approximately 53,700 troops and another 14,000 civilians work on the post.

Fort Bragg has almost 10 percent of all army forces assigned to the installation. Virtually a city in itself, the post supports a population of roughly 260,000, including military Families, contractors, retirees and others.

Fort Bragg covers approximately 284.5 square miles, which is over 172,000 acres. Of the 172,000 acres, 146,000 of those are dedicated training lands. Fort Bragg contains more than 1,400 miles of paved road and 23 miles of railroad.

INSTALLATION ACCESS AND FAQ'S                                                                                                                                                    Any visitor without a valid Department of Denfense or other valid ID wishing to visit the installation must first stop at the All American Visitor Control Center to obtain a pass. For information about the process along with frequently asked questions go to the Physical Security Department of the Army Security Guards page.