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RFMSS (CAC Enabled) Schedule training areas through RFMSS.

Helpful Resources

Environmental Coordination Form Contact 910-908-4562 for information on dig permits, POL, etc.

Request access to Fort Bragg RFMSS instructions


DA PAM 385-63 Range Safety

AR 385-10 Army Safety Program

TC 3-20.40 Training and Qualification - Individual Weapons

FB REG 350-6 Installation Range Operations (CAC Enabled)

FB REG 385-10 Fort Bragg Safety Program (CAC Enabled)

Range Operations Phone Directory

All numbers are area code 910

Installation Range Officer 432-5318
Deputy Range Officer for Operations 432-1794
Supervisor of Scheduling & RFMSS Admin 643-4385
Live Fire Supervisor 432-6507
Range Inspector Supervisor 908-4566
Operations Scheduling:
Training Areas 908-4558
KD Ranges 908-4565
Artillery, Maneuver, Demo 908-4556
Aviation 908-4557
Camp MacKall 396-4925
Support Services:
Deputy Range Officer for Support 908-4559
Range Safety Officer & OIC/RSO Trainer 908-4564
Control Room/ATC:
Facility Chief 432-1168
Control Room Fire Desk 432-1161
ITAM (Integrated Training Area Management):
ITAM Coordinator 907-4374
LRAM /Environmental Coordination 908-4562
RTLA Coordinator 396-7971
GIS analyst 908-4563
GIS analyst alternate 908-4561