Fort Bragg Recycled Material Sales

Fort Bragg, an installation committed to the environment and the community, is pleased to announce the Fort Bragg Recycled Materials Sales Program. As recycled materials become available in sufficient quantities, the respective hyperlinks will become active and contain sales information. Sales are open to the general public. Please check back for updated information on new sales.

Sales will have link to commodity information and include a bid form. Bid submission instructions are located in bid materials.


- Corrugated Cardboard
- Sorted Office Paper
Mixed Paper









Scrap Steel.jpg



   Fort Bragg Scrap Steel Sale - FBQRP2102   

                  Bid Submission and Bill of Sale - FBQRP2102

Note: Please review the attached solicitations and return your bids to or fax to 910-366-4530 NO LATER THAN 1300 EST 02/04/2021. Please use the attached Bid Submission Form to submit your bids.