Dedicated access control elements are typically not found in civilian LE organizations. The unique requirements and the environment of the military community require personnel in these elements to monitor physical security posture, provide physical security presence and response. They are also a critical element in community crime prevention efforts. The Fort Bragg Access Control Points are manned by Department of the Army Civilians, Military Police and Augmentation Soldiers.

Captain of the Guards
(910) 432-1200

Admin Assistant
(910) 907-5165

All-American VCC
Open 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., 7-days a week
(910) 907-5165 or (910) 907-5166

Truck Plaza VCC
Monday – Friday 5:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday – Sunday 5:00am – 1:00pm
(910) 907-5168 or (910) 907-5169

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I have a CAC or Family Member ID card already, can I use it to get on the Installation using the AIE IV system?

A: Yes. DoD ID cards can be registered utilizing the in lane registration process. All new DoD CAC/Family Member ID /Retired ID cards are required to be registered in the AIE IV system using the in lane process or visiting the VCC located on the All American Highway.

Q: Does everyone in my family have to register in the AIE IV System?

A: No, only those Family Members that are of driving age should register.

Q: If I have a CAC and a Retiree ID card do I have to register both?

A: No, once you are registered in the AIE IV system both of your cards will work at the ACPs.



Q: Where do I register my DoD ID card in the AIE IV system?

A: Any ACP equipped with an AIE IV pedestal or at the VCC located on the All American Fwy, Building H-1575, 7 days a week 16 hours a day. Commercial vendors and contractors will register at the Truck Plaza on Cook St, Building K-1153 between the hours of 0500 - 2100, Monday through Friday and weekends and Federal Holidays 0500-1300.

Q: If I do not have a CAC or any of aforementioned ID cards, how do I get on the Installation?

A: To receive a visitor pass you must be registered in the AIE IV system at the VCC located at the All American or if you are a commercial vender use the VCC at the Truck Plaza located off of Knox Street on Cook Street. The requestor would need to present a valid Driver’s License, State ID, or Passport for identification purposes. Additionally, the requestor will need to present the vehicle registration of the vehicle arrived to the Visitor Center or Truck Plaza.

Q/A: To register you must present a valid driver’s license or state ID; have your photo taken, National Criminal Information Center (NCIC III), criminal history record check conducted by one of the VCC registrars.


Q: How long does it take to register a DoD ID in the AIE IV system?

A: In lane, for the first time, 10-15 seconds and 2 to 3 minutes at the All American VCC once you have been called to the Registrar’s desk.

Q: Will my registration expire?

A: Yes, your registration will expire at the same time as your DoD ID card expires. You will have to re-register in the AIE IV system.

Q: When I register at Fort Bragg will I be able to use my card to access other installations that has the AIE IV system?

A: Other installations will have a similar registration process upon initial arrival.

Q: Will I be issued another ID card when I register in the AIE IV?

A: AIE designates three categories of Access: DoD (utilize existing credentials); Friends/Partners of Fort Bragg (will receive an access card through sponsorship and the card will not to exceed 3 years in length); and non-DoD guest/visitor pass will not exceed 60 days without a DoD sponsor).


AIE IV Pass (60 days) AIE IV Card (1-3 Years)

Q: Will I have to show my identification to the guards?

A: If you are riding in the car alone all you have to do is scan your card and the gate arm will go up and you can continue onto the installation. During a random search you will be required to show ID and vehicle information.

Q: Where do I scan my card?

A: When you pull into the lane stop at the center pedestal and you will see the card scan device located below the video screen.

Q: What part of the ID card do I scan?

A: When you pull up to the gate there is a camera located in the pedestal. The guard will be able to view your face. When you scan your card the picture taken during your DEERS registration will appear on the guard monitor and the guard will verify the two match. The guard will also get a check mark by your name letting them know you are authorized to enter the installation. A log will be maintained in the AIE IV system of the time you enter, your photo, and license plate number.

Q: What happens if I have passengers?

A: The AIE IV system allows DoD ID cardholders registered personnel to act as "Trusted Travelers," which means only the driver has to scan their DoD identification card. All persons in the vehicle must have been vetted through the Visitor Center and/or possess a CAC/retiree/dependent ID Card.

Q: How should I proceed when the arm goes up?

A: When the arm goes up you should proceed immediately through the lane moving slowly and carefully. Do not stop once you have departed the pedestal.

Q: When will the AIE IV system be used?

A: At all times.

Q: What is AIE IV?

A: AIE IV stands for Automated Installation Entry II+ (AIE IV) The AIE IV system is designed to leverage technology to increase security for the Soldiers, Family Members, Department of Defense (DoD) civilian workforce, retirees, contract employees and guests of the Fort Bragg by electronically validating an individual's identification based upon information supplied at the time of AIE IV registration.

Q: Can an Active Duty Soldier register his or her Family Member’s ID card?

A: No, everyone must register their own ID card in person or utilizing the in-lane registry

Q: Will I be issued another ID card when I register in the AIE IV?

A: No. Your DoD ID credential will work for access to the installation.

Q: How will I know which lane to use?

A: There will be either a green arrow which means you can enter the lane or a red “X” which means do not enter. AIE IV will be use in all open lanes.

Q: I’m a contractor how does AIE IV affect me?

A: The AIE IV Access Cards will only be issued to non-DoD cardholder personnel who successfully pass an NCIC III check and meet the enrollment processing requirements but otherwise do not meet the requirement for issuance of a CAC or DoD Teslin card. This applies to contractors and vendors who are sponsored as having an official purpose and are approved for access by the installation commander or designated representative. Contractors and vendors requiring physical access to the Fort Bragg installation or facility longer than 24 hours but do not require logical access to a DoD computer network, will have a government employee sponsor/Contract Officer Representative who will provide the contractual agreement with an approved request for access application (DES Form 118) signed by a verifying officer vouching for the need to possess a long term Friend/Partner, Contractor or Vender access card. The expiration date of the credential will not exceed three years or the end date of the contract, or the expiration date of the sponsor’s credential, whichever occurs first.

Q: Can I Register On-Line?

A: No. All registrations must be completed in person.

Q: I’m a Foreign National, how do I acquire a visitor pass?

Foreign National’s must provide: Driver’s License, State ID, passport or permanent residency card with their sponsor (DoD credentials) present. Please note that an “Employment Authorization” card is not authorized for access to Fort Bragg.