Awareness Bulletin:

The Crime and Criminal Intelligence Analyst Unit provides timely and relevant information gained from the collection and analysis of police information and the subsequent production of actionable police intelligence which drives law enforcement operations.  The section, enables the Law Enforcement to proactively identify criminal threats and their capabilities.








Fort Bragg's Law Enforcement Center and Office of the Provost Marshal provides 24-hour law enforcement, force protection, and community assistance to Commanders, Soldiers, Family members, Civilians and guests of Fort Bragg and maintains liaison with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and supports installations contingency operations.

The Provost Marshal (PM) is installation commander's advisor for MP law and order operations. As the chief law enforcement officer on the installation the PM provides the installation commander with professional and technical advice concerning law and order objectives, policies, and directives.





Enhance the quality of life on Fort Bragg by working in partnership with the community to preserve the peace, reduce fear, and prevent crime in order to provide for a safe and secure environment,




Provide a Professional, Adaptive, Responsive, and Trained Law Enforcement Center committed to the safety and security of our Fort Bragg Community through proactive community problem oriented policing efforts and solid communication with our community.