"Hello, Fort Bragg. This is Maury Povich. I'd like to give you a shout out to all the service members for their 100th anniversary. Thank you all for your services and your sacrifices to our nation. All the best!"

- Maury Povich, The Maury Show
Hi, I'm Chuck Norris. Happy 100th birthday, Fort Bragg. Thank you all for your service. I salute you.

- Chuck Norris, Veteran/Action Star
Hi, my name is Michelle Hanley. I am a mom here on Fort Bragg. My husband is part of the 82nd, and I just wanted to say happy birthday, Fort Bragg. One hundred years, we appreciate everything that the Soldiers and paratroopers do here. And, I just want to support ya'll. Happy birthday.

- Michelle Hanley, Fort Bragg Family member
Hi, I'm Simone Biles with USA Gymnastics. I want to wish Fort Bragg a happy 100th year anniversary, and thank the millions of service members who protect our country, its freedom, and our people. Happy 100th birthday Fort Bragg.

- Simone Biles, USA Gymnastics/Olympic Gold Medalist
IHG gives a shout out to 'happy 100th birthday, Fort Bragg!'

- IHG Army Hotels, Fort Bragg
Happy 100th birthday, Fort Bragg!

- Military Personnel Division, DHR

We're the Run Cell, and we're Special Events! Happy birthday, Fort Bragg! Cheers! Outdoor Rec, we challenge you!

- Run Cell and Special Events, FMWR

So, I want to say hey to all my friends at Fort Bragg. Happy birthday.

- Trace Adkins, Country music artist

Hey everybody, it's Ally, the graphic design artist for the Paraglide, and I wanted to wish Fort Bragg a happy birthday from beautiful Iceland!

- Alyson Hansen, Paraglide Graphic Designer

Happy 100th anniversary, Fort Bragg. For those 100 years, you have been at the forefront of our nation's defense. The Soldiers, the Sailors, the Airmen, the Marines have all passed through Fort Bragg's gates have one common goal in mind, and that is to protect the freedoms of the entire nation. So, on behalf of the USO of North Carolina and the over 600,000 men and women we serve annually, including those great Soldiers and Airmen on Fort Bragg, we wish you a happy 100th anniversary, and look forward to working with you over the next 100 years. Again, well done, Airborne, All the Way!

- John Falkenbury, USO of North Carolina

Hi, I'm Kevin Arata with the City of Fayetteville. I just wanted to wish Fort Bragg happy birthday on their 100th birthday this year, and thank you as well for all the Service members and their Families for all you do to defend their great nation.

- Kevin Arata, City of Fayetteville

Wow! One century, happy birthday, Fort Bragg. Happy 100th birthday, and thanks for being the best military installation in the world. We're blessed to have you in North Carolina, and obviously, we're blessed to have you here in our great country.

- Coach Mike Krzyzewski, Men's Basketball coach at Duke University

Hi, I'm Dave Heins, chief of Environmental Division on Fort Bragg. I just want to say happy 100th birthday to Fort Bragg, a true gem, a national treasure.

- Dave Heins, DPW's Environmental Division chief

I'm Dr. Anthony Wade with the City of Fayetteville in the Fayetteville-Cumberland Human Relations Department. Happy 100th to Fort Bragg and to all those Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who are stationed here to protect our great country on a daily basis.

- Dr. Anthony Wade, City of Fayetteville in the Fayetteville-Cumberland Human Relations Department

From the Womack Army Medical Center Rehabilitation clinics, we want to wish you a happy 100th birthday, Fort Bragg!

- WAMC Rehabilitation clinics

The UNCW Women's Golf team want to thank you for your service to our country. Happy 100th birthday, Fort Bragg.

- Cindy Ho, UNCW Wilmington Golf coach

Hey, Fort Bragg. This is Daniel Bowden with the UNCW Men's Golf. We just wanted to say happy 100th birthday, and we just want to thank you for your service.

- Daniel Bowden, UNCW Men's Golf

Happy birthday, Fort Bragg!

- The Village of Whispering Pines

First Citizens have been serving Soldiers since 1939. Happy birthday, Fort Bragg.

- First Citizens Bank of Fort Bragg

What's up everyone! EJ Snyder here, three-time Naked and Afraid legend! Fort Bragg is home where warriors just like me are born. Happy 100th birthday, Fort Bragg! You guys rock! Yeahhhhh!

- EJ Snyder, Army veteran and contestant of Naked and Afraid

Hey! My name's Nico Maclin. I'm with the XVIII Airborne Corps, just coming down to celebrate the 100th birthday for Fort Bragg. I've been here for five-and-a-half years, enjoying my time, Airborne All the Way.

- Spc. Nico Maclin with the XVII Airborne Corps

Hi, my name is Staff Sgt. Gillespie. i just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to Fort Bragg and say happy 100th birthday, Fort Bragg. Thank you.

- Staff Sgt. Tom Gillespie, 98th Civil Affairs

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Fort Bragg, happy birthday to you. Happy 100th birthday, Fort Bragg!

- Zoe Crumb, 7

Hi, there! My name's Jackson. This is my dad, and this is my brother Jameson, and we want to wish Fort Bragg happy 100th birthday, All the Way! Airborne.

- The Maciejewski Family