Got milk?

Charles Heath, Fort Bragg architectural historian and archaeologist, shares knowledge about milk in early Camp Bragg history.

A Piece of History

Linda Carnes-McNaughton, Fort Bragg Program archaeologist/curator, talks about early Fort Bragg artifacts such as the Gaelic Bible.

Decade 1910-1919

In observation of Fort Bragg's 100th anniversary, the video "Decade 1910-1919" depicts interactive photos from Fort Bragg's historical archive during the Camp Bragg era.

Fort Bragg Now and Then

Fort Bragg Now and Then: Fort Bragg has changed significantly since 1918. From building structures to artillery to airfields, Fort Bragg continues to lead the way.

Kenneth "Rock" Merritt

World War II Soldier Kenneth "Rock" Merritt, who jumped into D-Day and earned the Silver Star for his bravery, talks about best squad leaders and gives his insight from his experience as a leader in the U.S. Army.