U.S. Army seeks resident feedback on housing

It’s time to give Army Housing your feedback on living conditions, maintenance projects and overall services in the housing communities at Army installations worldwide.

The Army Tenant Satisfaction Survey will launch on Jan. 11 and continue through Feb. 24. Each resident will receive an email that includes a unique link to give them access to the survey. The Office of Management and Budget has approved this survey, as indicated by OMB Control Number 0704-0553; OMB Expiration Date 03/31/2022.

Only one survey can be completed by each household, and survey participation is voluntary and confidential. No personally identifiable information (PII) collected as part of this survey will be provided or shared with DoD as part of the survey process. 

The survey will be conducted by an independent, third-party firm using standardized questions prepared by the Department of Defense across all military services. The management, sustainment and maintenance of Army Housing falls under Army Materiel Command and its major subordinate command, the Installation Management Command.

The intent of the survey is to focus on priority customer service areas. Feedback about experiences while living in privatized, government-owned and government-leased housing is critical to shaping future housing quality and services provided to the Army. The information tenants provide guides the Army and Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) companies in their efforts to improve privatized, government-owned and government-leased housing facilities, services, and community amenities, resulting in better quality of life for all tenants and families. 

In early 2021, more than 85,000 Army residents were invited to participate, and 24,483 responded, representing a response rate of 29.1 percent for privatized housing and 26.3 percent for Army-owned/leased housing. AMC and IMCOM leadership hope to increase survey participation with the 2022 survey.

The 2021 survey input was used by the Army to better identify housing needs and target resources to achieve improvements. In addition, changes such as increased quality-control inspections, a revised incentive-fee structure, and monthly progress-review calls with leadership have better enabled the Army to hold privatized housing providers accountable for the quality of living that Soldiers and families deserve. One of the major accomplishments of 2021 was the full implementation of the Tenant Bill of Rights, which outlines the rights the protect Army families living in on-post housing.