For Soldiers

The Retirement Service Office provides quality service regarding benefits, entitlements, information and referral to retirees, their families as well as active-duty Soldiers and their families preparing for retirement. Retirement Services coordinates, conducts and facilitates detailed periodic Pre-Retirement & Survivor Benefit Plan group briefings for all retiring Soldiers (per DA policy, which also strongly encourages family members to attend).


Services provided include:


  • Soldier and family member counseling concerning retirement rights, benefits and privileges
  • One-on-one SBP counseling for all retiring Soldiers and their family members
  • One-on-one (desk-side) Pre-Retirement Briefings as needed
  • Assisting retiring Soldiers and family members with completion of their SBP Election using DD Form 2656 (Data for the Payment of Retired Pay/SBP election)
  • Provide CSB/REDUX retirement pay option counseling and processing of the DD Form 2839
  • Combat-Related Special Compensation counseling and assists in completion of DD Form 2860
  • SBP counseling for families of of active duty soldiers killed in action
  • Assisting spouses and un-remarried former spouses and annuity for certain military surviving spouses
  • Assisting retirees with all retired pay action


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Pre and Post-Retirement Information


The Retirement Services Office on Lewis Main provides pre-retirement service support to Soldiers of the active, reserve and Army National Guard components in their transition from active duty to retired status. Services provided may include, but are not limited to: pre-retirement orientation, the military SBP and preparations of DD Form 2656 (Data for the Payment of Retired Pay/SBP election).


Post-retirement services are provided to retirees, their family members and survivors who reside in the following zip code areas:


59000 - 59999 = Montana

83200 - 83899 = Idaho

97000 - 97999 = Oregon

98000 - 98999 = Washington

99201 - 99403 = Washington


Services are also provided to the Canadian Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Services are also provided to retirees, their family members and survivors of other branches of services, and retired reserve/National Guard members who are not yet in receipt of retired pay until the age of 60 (grey area) and their family members.



For Airmen


The Retiree Activities Office is the focal point for the Retirees Program at McChord Field. The mission of the Retiree Activities Office is to provide a current information to Air Force retirees who reside in our assigned area of responsibility. Further, the Retiree Activities Office serves to mobilize retirees and provide volunteer assistance to active-duty organizations that require such help and to provide assistance to those retirees in need by staffing a Retiree Activities Office with volunteer retirees who are capable of responding to questions posed by retirees and their family members on a daily basis.


To visit the McChord Retiree Activities Office website, please click here.


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