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Local author and educator Liana Mahoney will read her children’s book, “Forest Green: A Walk Through the Adirondack Seasons,” at 10 a.m. Oct. 3 on the Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes Facebook page. The Lendlease Storytime features a different military installation each month hosting a virtual book-reading. (Photo by Erin Simser, Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes)


Fort Drum Mountain Community Home welcomes local author for virtual storytime


Mike Strasser

Fort Drum Garrison Public Affairs


FORT DRUM, N.Y. (Sept. 28, 2020) – A special virtual storytime event Oct. 3 will feature a local children’s author reading her book about nature for the Fort Drum community.

Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes invited Liana Mahoney to read her illustrated book, “Forest Green: A Walk Through the Adirondack Seasons.” The reading will be posted at 10 a.m. on the Mountain Community Homes’ Facebook page at

“There is something very special about hearing an author read her own book or tell some of the behind-the-scenes work that went into creating it,” said Megan Klosner, Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes project director. “We’re so excited to have Liana share her book that describes the beautiful flora, fauna and seasons of northern New York.”

With illustrations by Maggie Henry, the book is described as a fun and educational exploration of the Adirondack forest – where the true colors of the woodlands show themselves in beautiful and surprising ways.

Community members who submit a photo of their family enjoying the storytime event on the Facebook page will be entered in a drawing for a chance to receive one of five signed copies of Mahoney’s book. Participants also can comment on the page with their favorite color from the forest. Submissions must be entered within one week of the video premiere to be eligible for the drawing.

Mahoney, a Beaver Falls resident and school teacher, said that she wrote “Forest Green” to encourage children and families to enjoy the outdoors and make discoveries in their own backyards. She said that the inspiration for writing this book came from a crayon.

“One of my favorite crayons in the ‘big’ box of Crayolas has always been the forest green crayon,” she said. “As an adult, I’ve come to better notice things in nature, and it struck me one day while I was outside in the woods that the forest is green … and it’s red, and it’s orange, and it’s white and it’s blue. It’s colorful no matter the season. It’s not just forest green. It’s so much more.”

Mahoney said that she always like to participate in book-reading events and she considers it a privilege to share her passion for nature with others.

“As a child, I had lots of time to explore the outdoors, and it shaped who I am today,” she said. “As a parent and educator, I have encouraged my children and students to get outside as much as possible. When our school went to remote learning last March, I started making ‘Critter Corner’ videos, in which I went for walks outside and featured the animals I encountered along the way.”

She said that some students and family members know her as the “bug lady,” and they bring in different insects throughout the school year for her to identify for them.

“I feel privileged to have an opportunity to spark an interest in nature,” Mahoney said. “I’ve learned that when kids see you are passionate about something, they are too. And when I do an author visit or a book signing, my table is covered with jars containing forest treasures such as cocoons and exoskeletons. Kids and adults alike love to try to guess what the mystery treasures are, and then find them featured in the text or pictures of the book.”

Mahoney said that she lives a few miles away from Adirondack Park, which is featured in her book.

“Everything you see in the book lives in my backyard!” she said. “It’s truly wonderful to live where we live. The main message of ‘Forest Green’ is that we live in a beautiful, amazing, colorful world. There is so much to see and to discover.”

For more information about this Lendlease Storytime event, visit, or call (315) 688-1065.