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Soldiers with the 10th Mountain Division Band rock band, Avalanche, perform during a community event June 10, 2023, in Watertown, New York. The event was part of a community outreach program that promoted children's health and highlighted future career opportunities. (U.S. Army photos by Pvt. Elijah Campbell)

Soldiers from 10th Mountain Division Band perform for local community outreach event

Pvt. Elijah Campbell

27th Public Affairs Detachment

FORT DRUM, N.Y. (June 12, 2023) – Soldiers with the 10th Mountain Division Band performed June 10 at the Watertown YMCA as part of a community outreach program promoting children's health and highlighting future career opportunities.

The 10th Mountain Division rock band, Avalanche, performed at an event hosted by the Healthy Kids Program as part of a project focused on supporting healthy habits for local youths and showing them possible career paths.

“We are here to support a local event; that’s what we love doing, reaching out to talk about Fort Drum and what the Army does,” said Sgt. Andrew Fisher, a bandsman and guitarist for Avalanche.

The performance allowed the public to interact with the members of Avalanche.

“After every performance, someone always comes up and says to us how inspired they were,” said Sgt. Delany McCarthy, a bandsman and singer for Avalanche.

McCarthy said he is grateful for these types of community outreach events, as they give him an opportunity to offer a different perspective to the public about what is possible in the Army.

“The Army isn’t just about shooting weapons 24/7. It’s about defending too, and we’re there to show them that,” McCarthy said. “There are so many ways to do that, and playing music is one of them.”

Fisher said he appreciates the opportunity, specifically when it comes to connecting with youths in the Watertown area.

“Anytime we can come and interact with people that aren’t Soldiers, especially local kids, we get to help spread the Army message and that’s a win for us any day,” Fisher said.

McCarthy affirmed what Fisher expressed, stating that helping the Army spread its positivity through his artistic talents is rewarding day in and day out.

“It makes us feel good every day that we accomplished our goals and helped share our message through song,” McCarthy said.