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The Survivor Outreach Services staff provides survivors and next of kin of Soldiers who die during military service with direct and rapid access to long-term case management in order to foster empowerment and resiliency.


Long-term case management is an ongoing active collaborative process between the SOS staff member and the survivor. There are specific requirements for long-term case management to assist survivors with obtaining their benefits that are required by law. As an example, this means ensuring dependents receive the Survivor Benefit Plan, TRICARE and other benefits for which they may be eligible.

Persons eligible for SOS long-term case management include survivors of active-duty Soldiers recorded as dependents in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS):

(1) Surviving dependents of a Regular Army sponsor who died while serving on active duty;

(2) Surviving dependents of a member of the Army National Guard who was serving on official duty at the time of death; and

(3) Surviving dependents of members of the U.S. Army Reserve who was serving on official duty at the time of death.

Persons eligible for SOS long-term case management also include survivors not recorded as dependents in DEERS:

(1) Surviving parents for Regular Army or Reserve Component (next of kin), and

(2) Surviving spouse and children (next of kin) of Reserve Component members who were not on a current order for a period not exceeding 36 months.

For information on how to obtain “Survivor Access Badges” (digital installation access cards for Gold Star family members who do not have DoD ID cards), contact Survivor Outreach Services at (315) 772-6357.

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