Ensure the proper processing of Soldiers from Fort Drum to another installation or transitioning from active-duty status to National Guard, Army Reserve or fully retired or separated from service. 

You Got Your Orders, Do This ASAP!

  • ALL

As soon as you receive your permanent change of station / expiration of term of service orders, take a copy to these agencies:

- Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes or your off-post rental agent.

- Passenger Travel for air tickets (if applicable).

- Call Transportation at (315) 772-6384 and arrange for pickup of your household goods.

- Call Central Issue Facility at (315) 772-2756 to set an appointment as soon as your commander allows. Many Soldiers don’t realize they are missing equipment until their last days at Fort Drum.

  • PCS Soldiers

- Even if you plan to report to your next duty station early, your absence request MUST go all the way to the day before your PCS report date.

- Must complete a new Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) within 60 days of PCS.

- Must have a confirmed sponsor in Army Career Tracker to receive clearing papers.

- Will not be given clearing papers if flagged adverse action, or MRC3 or 4. Call (315) 772-1255 for details.

  • ETS Soldiers

- Must complete a Separation History and Physical Exam (SHPE) before issuance of DD-214. This is a lengthy process; please begin no later than 12 months from separation date.

- See the Army Transition Assistance Program (A-TAP) early! Completing the program is mandated by U.S. Congress, and the DD Form 2648 documenting your completion is required to out-process. 

WHEN can a Soldier pick up clearing papers?

  • ETS Soldiers not taking leave - Clearing papers will be issued no earlier than 14 calendar days before your separation date.
  • ALL OTHERS - Installation clearing papers will be issued no earlier than 14 calendar days before the start date of your commander-approved absence request for leave / permissive temporary duty. 
  • PCS Soldiers not taking leave enroute – You must still have a commander-approved Absence Request that covers the non-chargeable travel time from Fort Drum to your gaining installation.

WHY can’t I get clearing papers earlier than 14 days out?

Fort Drum uses a web-based system that allows all interested agencies on Fort Drum to “pre-clear” Soldiers. We give the agencies time to review your clearance record, and if they decide that they don’t need to see you, they can pre-clear you before your clearing papers are issued.  This works really well, and most Soldiers will see that 2/3 of the items have been pre-cleared.  This process saves you a bunch of time and running around during this already stressful time!!  Because so much has been done for you, most Soldiers can clear the installation in two to three days. We’ve had a lot of Soldiers do it in just one day!!

WHERE can a Soldier pick up clearing papers?

LEAVE FORM - Bring us a copy of your commander-approved leave / PTDY (absence requests) as soon as you can.  This allows us to open your clearing record to Fort Drum agencies earlier, based on your leave start date. Otherwise, their review is based on your ETS date or PCS report date, and fewer items will be pre-cleared.

CLEARING BRIEF - Clearing papers are issued during our clearing briefings that are held daily.  Bring us your commander-approved leave / PTDY (absence requests) if you haven’t already, and a copy of your orders.

Report to Clark Hall Room B2-14 from 9 to 9:30 a.m., in duty uniform.  There is a mandatory briefing at 9:30 a.m. Call (315) 772-1255 / 4111 with questions.

WHAT documents do I need to attend the clearing brief?

  • ALL - Bring a copy of your PCS / ETS orders and your commander-approved IPPS-A (Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army) absence request(s).
  • ETS Soldiers not taking leave - Just bring a copy of your separation orders.


Out-Processing Center

(315) 772-1255 or (315) 772-4111

Bldg. 10720

Mount Belvedere Boulevard

Room B2-14

Fort Drum, NY 13602

Hours of Operation:

9 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. 

Monday through Friday