Our Procedures

The Personnel Services office mission is to provide professional and diligent service to Soldiers, promoting Family readiness and success to Army units in the Fort Meade community. 

  • Click Here for Step by Step Instructions for In-processing
  • Click Here to download the In-processing Checklist
  • Army Community Services 
    • Click Here for Teams Link
    • The dates for the newcomer's briefs for 2024 are:
      • January 17
      • February 7 and 21
      • March 6 and 20
      • April 3 and 17
      • May 1, 15, and 29
      • June 12 and 26
      • July 10 and 24
      • August 7 and 21
      • September 4 and 18
      • October 2, 16 and 30
      • November 13 and 20
      • December 11
    • Participants must be on the MS Teams call for both sessions (Session 1 runs from 0830-1145.  Session 2 runs 1250-1445). Roll call will periodically occur, participants not responding will not be given credit for completing Newcomers.
  • EFMP
    • Submission of DA Form 7415 Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Querying Sheet is a mandatory requirement of Newcomers. Submission is required even if you don’t have anyone enrolled in EFMP. You can complete and email the DA 7415 before Newcomers Orientation but bottom-line, it must be submitted in order to receive Newcomers Orientation completion.
    • DA Form 7415 (Family EFMP) - Email FAMILY EFMP to: liesa.jacobs.civ@army.mil
  • TRICARE Services
    • For Humana Military TRICARE EAST In-processing, call 1-800-444-5445 and say "BENEFICIARY," then "ENROLLMENT ASSISTANCE. 
    • Provider Information:
      • Kimbrough Appointment Line: 301-677-8800 - Press 1
      • Capital Region Appointment Line: 1-855-227-6331
      • TRICARE East Billing, Claims, Health Plan Assessment or Referrals: 1-800-874-2273
      • US Family Health Plan: 1-800-748-7347 or visit: https://www.tricare.mil/Plans/Enroll/USFHP
  • Medical Readiness
    • Medical Readiness Clinic (FORCE HEALTH PROTECTION) - T-2476 (Yellow Building) *Please call TRICARE before going to the Medical Readiness Clinic
    • The TRICARE Online Patient Portal (TOL PP) consisting of Secure Messaging and TRICARE Online systems will be retired once MHS GENESIS completes fielding. ALL Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) are scheduled to be transitioned to MHS GENESIS by October 2023. Once retired, TOL PP will no longer be accessible.
    • MHS Genesis Patient Portal
    • Sick Call
    • Nurse Advice Line/Nurse Advice Help (24/7) - 1-800-874-2273
  • Medical Records
    • Customer Service: 301-677-8141
    • Dependents: 301-677-8200/8646
    • Active Duty: 301-677-8940/8146
    • Fax: 301-677-8693
    • Note: Hard Copy Orders with last 4 in the top right-hand corner are required for in-processing
  • Dental
    • Army/Air Force: EPES Dental Clinic
      • Address: 8472 Simmond St, Fort Meade MD 70755
      • Phone: 301-677-6078/7359/6983
    • Navy/Marine: Dental Clinic is in Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center
      • Address: 2480 Llewellyn Ave, Fort Meade, MD 20755
      • Phone: 301-677-8955/8956
  • Behavioral Health
    • Click here for link to Behavioral Health In-Processing Form 
    • Behavioral Health is located on the 3rd floor of Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center located at 2480 Llewellyn Ave, Fort Meade, MD 20755.
    • In-processing takes place Monday to Friday from 0800 to 1600. We are closed for in-processing during lunch (1200 to 1300).
  • Casualty Assistance Office
    • CAO/CNO Training E7 to E9, CPT to COL, CW2 to CW5
    • If you have any questions, please contact Ragime Blaine at 301-677-2206
  • Transportation
  • Army Continuing Education Services (ACES)
  • Finance
  • (If Applicable) Veterinary Services

Awards (USA Garrison) (UDL#000000000039802)

  • For USA Garrison Only - ARCOM Requirements
    • Submit Award requests in IPPS-A. Submission is required 30 days prior to presentation date. 
    • Attach Soldier Talent Profile (STP)

Personnel actions (Done by Unit S1 in IPPS-A) (UDL#000000000039342)

  • Congressional inquiries (PSB)
  • CRM 
  • System Access Requests

Personnel Services Branch POCs

Name Role Teams
Michael Lieske Chief of Personnel Services Branch michael.g.lieske.civ@army.mil
SSG John Caldwell Chief of Personnel Automation Section (PAS) john.m.caldwell34.mil@army.mil
Alvin Monteverde Personnel Automation Section (PAS) alvin.l.monteverde.civ@army.mil
Pamela Bowie Reassignments Lead Specialist pamela.r.bowie.civ@army.mil
Carie Nalley Reassignments Specialist carie.a.nalley.ctr@army.mil
Gina Gopie Student Records Lead Specialist gina.r.gopie.civ@army.mil
Jolynda Thompson Installation Sponsorship Liaison Lead jolynda.e.thompson.civ@army.mil
Jannette Bolling Out-processing/Final Out Lead Specialist jannette.o.bolling.civ@army.mil