Welcome to the Fort Meade Army Retention Office

The mission of the Retention Office is to ensure that only those Soldiers who have demonstrated potential for future development, and have maintained a record of acceptable performance, will be offered the privilege of continued service.

Our Goals:

  • Obtain maximum command involvement in the retention program.
  • Reenlist the maximum amount of high quality Soldiers consistent with the Army’s needs and exceed assigned objectives.
  • Support force alignment objectives by reenlisting Soldiers out of overage into shortage MOS.
  • Access quality Soldiers into Reserve Component units.
  • Provide adequate support for Army Special Programs (i.e. ROTC Green to Gold program and US Military Academy Preparatory School).

Our Responsibility:

  • The Army Retention Program is the direct responsibility of all commanders. The Career Counselor will counsel Soldiers, evaluate the units, advise the commanders, train the leaders and manage the retention program. The success of the program depends upon effective leadership, vigorous command involvement and aggressive retention activities at all organizational levels. Success is measured by the percentage of accomplishment for all categories (initial term, mid career, career, FY ETS, and reserve component). Accomplishment of these objectives relates directly to the quality of leadership exhibited by the officers and noncommissioned officers of the units. Success should be further measured by the achievement of the commander's objectives with the fewest possible waivers, exceptions to policy and movement type options while improving the readiness, competency and skill alignment of the force.