The Casualty Assistance Center (CAC) receives notification of casualty, obtains information, and prepares casualty reports.

  • When notification to Next of Kin is required, CAC immediately contacts commanders and Chaplain Office to provide members for notification team.
  • Commanders must provide a Casualty Notification Officer (CNO) within 1 hour of notice.? Chaplain Office provides chaplain within 1 hour of notice.
  • Assemble, brief, and dispatch notification team within 2 hours of notification of Active Duty death.? When necessary, coordinate with other Army agencies (i.e., USAR, ARNG, etc.) to make notification in distant locations in our (CAC) area of operations. 
  • HRC is advised when notification is completed.
  • Upon notification of a Casualty Assistance Officer (CAO) requirement, CAC contacts MSC commanders in tasking cycle for a CAO.
  • Commanders must provide a CAO within 1 hour of notice.
  • CAC appoints briefs and dispatches CAO for duty.
  • Commanders must provide our CAC timely information concerning casualty matters when requested.

Other services

  • Funeral Requests
    • The Fort Meade CAC processes funeral requests. To request funeral support please refer to the phone number.
  • Line of Duty Investigations (LOD)
    • Informal investigations are completed within 30 days of receipt. Formal investigations are completed within 75 days of receipt. Some death cases may take longer.

      • The Personnel Operations Branch receives LOD from units and tasks appropriate commander to appoint an investigating officer to complete the investigation.
      • Our office processes completed formal LODs with final approval/authentication and makes distribution.
      • Our office approves informal LODs and makes appropriate distribution.
      • Some casualties occur for Soldiers not assigned to Fort Meade but are in the CAC's area of operations.