Here on JBLM there are many areas to hunt and fish, however, it is important these activities be done safely and consistent with the related rules and regulations.

JBLM adopts all Washington State fishing and hunting laws and enforces those laws in direct cooperation with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Hunting and fishing on JBLM isn’t overly complicated but there are some steps that need to be taken before participating in these activities on the Installation.

Here is a short presentation with some information to get you started:

We welcome recreation on JBLM but also encourage all persons who do so to be educated on the rules governing the use of the land and the species contained within it. Please be safe out there and have fun.

To register, pay fees, or for any other questions, please contact MWR (253)967-7056, or check their website:  JBLM Hunting and Fishing.

For training area maps and range access, please contact JBLM Range Support at 253-967-6371.

*This information is provided by JBLM Conservation Law Enforcement, Directorate of Emergency Services.