The Environmental Division mission is to support Fort Drum and the 10th Mountain Division (LI) by protecting land, air and water; preserving history and cultural heritage; conserving natural resources; restoring land impacted by historical oil and chemical releases; and keeping the Fort Drum community informed about innovative environmental programs and accomplishments. The Environmental Division mission is executed within the context of an organizational culture dedicated to Soldier / mission readiness as our No. 1 priority.



Branches and Services:


Natural Resources Branch

Bldg. 4000, Utility Road

Chief: (315) 772-5971


Provide quality sustainable natural resources as a critical training asset upon which to accomplish the military mission of Fort Drum. Comply with laws and regulations that pertain to the sustainable management of Fort Drum’s natural resources. Professionally and proactively manage natural resources on Fort Drum to ensure sound sustainable stewardship of public lands entrusted to the care of the Army. Maintain Fort Drum as an exemplary resource in the region and continue to improve the quality of life at Fort Drum and of the surrounding communities through natural resources-based recreational opportunities. Natural resource managers are mission enablers and ensure management decisions support the training and deployment of U.S. Armed Forces.

The Natural Resources Branch delivers an extensive environmental outreach program that is critical to maintaining effective relationships with other professionals, neighbors, and the public for the benefit of both natural resources and military mission. Natural resource managers know their influence reaches beyond the fence line and is a part of not only a larger ecological community, but also a greater social community.


Compliance Branch

Bldg. 4000, Utility Road

Chief: (315) 772-5063


Although protecting the environment is the responsibility of everyone on post, the Fort Drum Environmental Compliance Branch has the unique role of coordinating the installation’s overall pollution control programs. As one of the largest industrial facilities in the state, Fort Drum’s operations have the potential to pollute soil, water, and air for generations. To prevent this, the Compliance Branch oversees a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) that provides specific procedures for minimizing or eliminating releases of contaminants into the natural environment. The Environmental Compliance Branch implements both legally mandated as well as best management practices related to hazardous waste, solid waste, recyclables, wastewater, stormwater, drinking water, toxic substances, spill prevention, petroleum storage tanks, and air emissions. Pollution prevention efforts that reduce the toxicity or quantity of pollutants generated by industrial processes is an integral part of the branch’s mission. Finally, the branch ensures conformance with pollution control standards by implementing a comprehensive training and inspection program.


Cultural Resources Section

Bldg. 4701, LeRay Drive

Cultural Resources Program Manager: (315) 772-4165


The Fort Drum Cultural Resources Program’s mission is to identify, protect and manage the ancestral places and historic era archaeological sites that are potentially eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places and occur on Fort Drum. To meet that goal, we sponsor an active archaeological survey and site evaluation program in addition to managing the LeRay Mansion Historic District. Furthermore, the Cultural Resources Program fulfills its stewardship responsibilities by coordinating consultation between Fort Drum and federally recognized tribes that have ancestral ties to Fort Drum properties. The program teaches cultural property protection overseas and routinely conducts training for Soldiers by preparing them for key leader engagement in the deployed setting and offering pre-deployment briefings on the nature and expectations for cultural property issues in theater, including indicators for cultural property attacks that might serve as flash points.

The Cultural Resources Program actively participates in outreach events in order to share the cultural heritage of Fort Drum, in its entirety, with Soldiers, Families and civilians of all ages. The team’s goal is to exhibit a passion for cultural resources, a perspective for embracing the community, a capacity for creative stewardship, and the dedication for supporting the military mission.

To see the current Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan (ICRMP), click here.


Restoration Section

Bldg. 4000, Utility Road

Restoration Program Manager:  (315) 772-6312


The Fort Drum Installation Restoration Program, more commonly called the Fort Drum Cleanup Program, addresses hazardous substances, pollutants, and contaminants released to the environment from historical activities that have occurred on the installation. The Cleanup Program mission, along with protecting human health and the environment, is to enable readiness by returning Army lands to usable condition. Fort Drum accomplishes the cleanup mission by performing appropriate, cost-effective remediation of contaminated sites. The Cleanup Program is executed in close coordination with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in accordance with environmental regulations, consent orders, and decision documents that are applicable to hazardous waste sites across the installation.

Environmental Division

(315) 772-5269

Bldg. 4000, Utility Road

Fort Drum, NY 13602