EQO Class Presentations

Welcome Introduction

Environmental Requlations - Legal

Cultural Resources

Fish and Wildlife


Agricultural Lease/Digging Policy

Environmental Restoration

Spill Planning/Spill Response


Air Quality 

WasteMinimization /Recycling

Asbestos/Lead Based Paint/Radon

Ground Water

Storm Water

SAP/POL Sites Hazardous Waste

Virtual Inspection



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Table Of Contents

Absorbents Used pads/booms A-1

Absorbents Used (Bulk) dry sweep peat/kitty Litter/sand/soil/clay A-2

Adhesives/Sealants/Epox A-3

Aerosol Cans A-4

Acetone A-73

Acetylene Cylinders A-40, 41

Aluminum Cans A-66

Air Conditioners A-67

Ammo/Brass A-5

Antifreeze A-6

Appliances A-38, 39, 66

Argon A-40



Atropine Injectors A-12

AVGAS A-29, 35

Ballasts/Capacitors A-13


BBQ Grill Tanks A-40

Blivets, Fuel A-32

Blue Rhino propane tanks A-40

Bond-cote Tents,- Contact SSA/ DRMO/DLA Disposition Services-Campbell

Booms, Oil A-1

Brake Fluid A-55

Brake Shoes A-8

Brass, AmmunitionA-5

Building Demolition /Remodeling, Maintenance (asbestos/lead)  A-7

Burn Pits A-23

Calcium Hypochlorite A-19

Cardboard A-20

Capacitors  A-13


Caulking  A-3


Cell Phones  A-66  

Chemicals  A-49

Classified Document Disposal  A-23

Clay, absorbent  A-2

Coleman Fuel A-35

Commo Batteries A-18

Compressed Gas Cylinders A-40, 41

Concertina A-24

CONEX Contaminated--Contact Environmental DIV

Construction & Demolition Waste (C&D) A-25, 26, 26A,50,65

Container Requests A-25A

Cooking Oil/Grease A-56

Computers------See Electronics

Cross Shredded Paper A-59 

Decon Water A-79 

Deployment Instructions for POL & SAP Sites   A-82

Degreasers/Parts Washers  A-60

Dig Permits  A-26, 26A

Diesel Fuel A-55 

DOCS (Drive On Containment System   A-36

Drip Pans/Drain Pans  A-27

DRMO   See DLA Disposition Services-Campbell

Dry Sweep A-2

Electronics  A-66

Empty Hazmat container/bottles/cans  A-47, 48

Epoxy  A-3

Ether Cylinders  A-41

Fertilizers  A-61

Field Trash  A-76

Field Sanitation Chemicals  A-19, 61

Field Water Release  A-79

Filters/Diesel/ JP8/Oil  A-28

Filters/Mogas/Gasoline/E85/AVGAS   A-29

Fire Extinguishers  A-30, 30A

Flammable Lockers  A-46, 47, 48

Floor tile  A-9, 11

Fluorescent Tubes/Mercury Containing Lamps   A-31



Furniture/Appliances-Government  A-38

Furniture/Appliances-Non Government  A-39

F-24/JP8  A-33, 34, 55

Gas Cylinders, Disposable Propane/Ether/MAPP  A-41

Gasoline  A-35

Glass  A-42

Grease, cooking  A-56

Grease, maintenance  A-43

Gloves, Asbestos  A-10

Gray Water  A-79

Grill tanks with propane  A-40

Halon (Fire Extinguishers)  A-30A

Hard Drive-Computers - Contact DLA Disposition Services-Campbell

Hazardous Substance Spill  A-44

Hazmat Locker (Establish)  A-46

Hazmat Locker (Procedures)   A-47

Hazmat Locker Product Return Procedures  A-48

Hazmat Locker Turn in  A-71

Hazmat Unit Basic Load CLIII (P)  A-49

Heating Oil  A-55

Helium  A-40, 41 

HEMTT Filters  A-28

Household Hazardous Waste  A-45

Hydraulic Fluid   A-55

ISU-90-- Contaminated-contact Environmental Division

JP4  A-35

JP8/F-24   A-33, 34, 55

Kerosene  A-55

Kitchen Grease  A-56

Kitchen Wash Water   A-79

Kitty Litter/Floor Sweep, Contaminated with Oil   A-2

Labels (DOT for shipping)   A-49

Landfill Dump Tickets     A-51 

Latex Paint   A-58

Lead Based Paint    A-7, 51

Lead Containing Paint Surface Preparation   A-52

LED Lights/Tubes   A-31

LWP (Lightweight Water Purification System)   A-79

MAPP Gas      A-41

MARK 1 Kit    A-12 

Mask Filters(CBRNE)   A-22

Medical Waste   A-68

MEK (Methyl  Ethyl Ketone)    A-73

Mercury  A-52A 

Mercury Containing Lamps    A-31 

MIL Van Contaminated-contact Environmental Division

Mineral Spirits   A-73

Mogas   A-35 

Mop Water   A-53

Motor Oil  A-55

MRE Heaters   A-54

NBC Items   A-21, 22

Nitrogen Cylinders   A-40, 41

Oil Dry  A-2

Oil Water Separator    A-57

Oil Used   A-55

Oxygen Cylinders (non-medical)   A-40

Paint Cans-empty    A-57

Paint & Paint Related Empty paint can, half full paint can, Latex Paint/Stain, Oil Based Paint/Stain    A-58

Paint Stripper/Thinner   A-73

Pallets Wood/Plastic    A-80

Paper/Paper Products    A-59

Parts Washers, Weapons Cleaners, Solvent Tank, Degreasers    A-60

PCB’s    A-13

Peat Absorbent     A-2

Pesticides, Herbicides & Rodenticides     A-61

Placards (DOT for Shipping /AMMO/ POL)   A-49

Plastic    A-62

POL Spills     A-36

POL Storage   A-33, 34, 35

POL Accumulation Point   A-55A

Printer/Toner Cartridges    A-63

Propane Cylinders     A-40, 41

Propane Grill Tanks   A-40

Protective Mask  Filters   A-22

PRO Mask  A-22

Purging    A-64

Radiation, Contact Radiation Safety Office, See Important Phone Numbers

Rags   A-65

Rear Detachment/Deployment Instructions for POL & SAP Sites  A-82

Recyclables – Aluminum Cans/CD’s/Electronics/Cell Phones   A-66

Recyclable Fuel     A-35

Red Bag Waste    A-68

Refrigerant Removal    A-67

Refrigerators – Disposal Government    A-67

Refrigerators – Disposal Non-Government     A-67A

Regulated Medical Waste   A-68


Safe, asbestos containing  A-10

Sand/Soil   A-2

SAP  See Satellite Accumulation Point

Satellite Accumulation Points (SAP)

Scrap Metal  A-70

Sealants   A-3

Secondary Containment Units/Flammable Lockers – How to procure  A-72

Secondary Containment Units/Flammable Lockers – how to turn in  A-71

Self Help Projects    A-7

Soil-excess from construction or needed for fill  A-51

Soil-contaminated with POL   A-2

Solvents Disposal – Acetone, Toluene, Xylene, Mineral Spirits, MEK, Paint Thinner   A-73  

Solvent Tank   A-60

Spills   Fuel/Oil Spill Cleanup   A-36

Spills  Hazardous Substance Spill Cleanup  A-44

Spill Kit Requirements  A-74

Spill Kit Materials List 

SSA   See Important Phone Numbers

Synthetic Oils  A-55

Tennessee One Call  A-26, 26A

Tents- Bond-cote - Contact SSA/DLA Disposition Services-Campbell

Tires  A-75

Toluene  A-73

Toner Cartridges A-66

Transmission Fluid  A-55

Trash, Field  A-76

Tritium- See Radiation Safety- See Important Phone Numbers

TWPS  A-79

UBL, Batteries  A-18

UBL, Hazmat  A-49

Unmarked/Unlabeled container  A-77

Used Oil  A-55

Used Oil Accumulation Point  A-55A   

Utility Locate  A-26, 26A

Wash Racks   A-78

Water Purification   A-79

Wax, stripping floor tile  A-11

Weapons Cleaner  A-60

Wood/Wood Pallets (Untreated wood)   A-80

Xylene   A-73

Yard Waste  A-81