Public Affairs Office

Public Affairs Officers serve as the principal communication advisor to the commander on communication strategy, visual information planning, and public affairs requirements across all mission phases and domains. PAOs also conduct public affairs training for commanders and organizations, facilitate media engagements, and play an important role in enhancing the quality, accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness of communication across a broad spectrum of channels and platforms.

In addition to advising the commander on best approaches when interacting with the public, PAOs leverage communication techniques to effectively tell the Army’s story to the right audience using the right tools, doing so as rapidly as possible. PAOs engage the media and their community and communicate corporately in support of Army communication strategies that build the trust and confidence of the American public.

Community Relations

PAOs value the relationship between military and civilian communities and take careful measures to engage with those communities. Installation tours, military static display, flyovers and color guard, community speaking engagements are a few of the many ways Community Relations Officer help to develop dialogue and interaction with all stakeholders and are experts while delivering the right messages to the right audiences at the right time. Whether deployed or at home, Community Relations team fulfill the commander’s requirement to inform the American people and all stakeholders of Army activities and initiatives.

Media Relations

Anytime you see a military story or interview on air or online, chances are there was a PAO involved who helped facilitate the communication. Media Relations team help the public understand the military through engagements with national and international media outlets, escorting media throughout operational and training environments and creating news and information products that inform the public on Army activities at home and abroad.

Command Information

Known as corporate communication outside the military, PAOs are responsible for command information, essentially all official internal communication efforts. This is communicating to the command, to Soldiers, to subordinate leaders, and to the Families that make up the organization using all communication tools available ranging from the installation website, social media, installation online or print products, to preparing command team speeches or delivering command briefs. 


The PAO maintains the website. If you would like to learn about how your unit or activity may make your own website updates and changes or if you would like to submit a request for a change on your unit/activity page, please complete this form and email to the Garrison Public Affairs Office. You may request simple updates to phone numbers, hours of operation, email addresses or change of leadership information and pictures. You can reach out to the public affairs office to schedule an appointment for more substantial updates. Let us help you keep your unit or activity’s information accurate and easily accessible for Soldiers, Families, employees who need it.

Speaking Engagement

Garrison teams: is the GC speaking at your event?  Complete and submit an information form for GC TPs/Speech development as soon as you have confirmation from command suite on calendar.