What is a FOIA Request?

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a Federal law that establishes the public’s right to request existing records from Federal Government agencies. The FOIA provides for prompt, maximum release of DOD records to the public unless such requested records are specifically exempt from mandatory public disclosure under the FOIA. Only the Secretary of the Army and the Initial Denial Authority (IDA) may deny a request for Army records.

FOIA Requests (AR15-6 investigations, government documents, etc.): To obtain a copy of government documents excluding MP reports, fill out a FOIA Request Form and a copy of your civilian driver’s license (CAC is not authorized and will not be accepted), and email both to fortcampbellfoia@army.mil.

MP Reports: To obtain a copy of an MP report for traffic accidents, theft, or domestic cases, fill out an MP Report Request Form, scan it and a copy of your civilian driver’s license (CAC is not authorized and will not be accepted), and email both to  usarmy.campbell.imcom-atlantic.mbx.des-ipm-admin@mail.mil, or visit them at 6254 Desert Storm Avenue, Fort Campbell. Upon receipt of the report from the MP Station, we are authorized by law up to 20 duty days to transfer the completed report to the requestor (no exceptions).  

CID Records: The Fort Campbell Freedom of Information Offices does not have purview or rights to release records that are owned by the Fort Campbell Criminal Investigation Division (CID). To file a request for CID records you must submit a request to CID using the following steps:

  1. Go to website: www.cid.army.mil ✪;
  2. Scroll down and select “Record Request”;
  3. Scroll down to FOIA and select “Army CID FOIA Request Form”;
  4. Fill out the form, download it, sign, scan a copy of your civilian identification card, and email all documents to usarmy.belvoir.hqda-usacid.mbx.crcfoiapa@army.mil.

After your request is submitted you will receive all updated from CID directly.​​​​​​​

Department of Defense Counter-Intelligence and Security Agency Background Investigation MP Report Request: The Installation Provost Marshall Office, located at 6254 Desert Storm Avenue, Fort Campbell, is the POC for other government agency requests. They can be reached via email at  usarmy.campbell.imcom-atlantic.mbx.des-ipm-admin@mail.mil.

Leader Requests for Subordinate Soldier MP Reports: Visit the Installation Provost Marshall Office at 6254 Desert Storm Avenue, Fort Campbell. You may also download a Fort Campbell Form 2555 at
https://101st.aep.army.mil/Fort%20Campbell%20Publications/Forms/AllItems.aspx ⚠, fill it out and email it to the address on the form.

✪ Denotes an external link
⚠ Denotes a CAC enabled link