Fort Drum Housing Division Team provides best-in-Army housing services and support. We are committed to ensuring all 10th Mountain Division warfighters and Families have predictable quality of life and a safe secure environment while concentrating on focused readiness training in support of the globally responsive Army.


Branches and Services:

RCI/Housing Division provides oversight and management for Fort Drum housing operations, including Mountain Community Homes (MCH) Family housing, Housing Services Office (HSO), and Single Soldier Housing (SSH).


Single Soldier Housing Branch

(315) 772-6004

Room A2-54, Clark Hall, Bldg. 10720, Mount Belvedere Boulevard


The Single Soldier Housing Branch oversees Fort Drum’s 7,954 permanent party barracks spaces in 56 barracks buildings.

The branch manages the Army Barracks Management Program, which has three basic principles:

  • Provide commanders effective oversight, training, assistance, and support to ensure Soldiers are afforded world-class living arrangements.

  • Ensure Soldiers receive the Army’s standard for quality accommodations and furnishings while enabling good order and discipline as well as unit readiness.

  • Ensure effective, efficient, and equitable use of unaccompanied housing.


Housing Services Office  

(315) 772-9397

Room A2-54, Clark Hall, Bldg. 10720, Mount Belvedere Boulevard


  • Provides housing counseling and referral services, to include lease reviews.

  • Inspects rental housing for suitability (safety and habitability).

  • Helps to mediate disputes between landlords and tenants (military members).

  • Conducts annual rental data survey for basic allowance for housing determination.


Army RCI Asset Management Team (privatized on-post housing)

(315) 772-7256

Bldg. 9035, South Riva Ridge Loop


The Asset Management Team focuses on oversight of the privatized housing partner Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes and their compliance with the agreed-upon Army requirements to include project level reviews of operations, development, and finance.

The RCI team acts as the installation-level functional expert and serves as chief project adviser(s) on behalf of and at the direction of the garrison commander.

Ensures Army involvement in legal compliance, reporting, major decisions, project recommendations, quality of home inspections, courses of action for major actions, and resolving day-to-day project issues.

RCI / Housing Division

(315) 772-7256

Bldg. 9035, South Riva Ridge Loop

Fort Drum, NY 13602

Hours of Operation:

7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Monday through Friday