The Business and Operations Integration Division strategically supports installation sustainment through procurement, inventory, resource, and work management by aligning requirements to capability, forecasting infrastructure, and equipment lifecycle, and with flexibility in an ever-changing environment ensuring force readiness of the Fort Drum Power Projection Platform with a cohesive, trained, professional, customer-focused and empowered workforce.


Branches and Services:


Engineering Systems Branch

Branch Chief: (315) 772-4513

Bldg. 4205, Po Valley Road



  • Resource management

  • Directorate integration

  • Strategic planning


Work Management Branch

Branch Chief: (315) 774-6740

Bldg. 4205, Po Valley Road



  • Annual Work Planning, prioritization, and execution

  • Work Order/Demand Maintenance Order reception and processing

  • DPW Supply Operations



Service Order Requests for facilities maintained by Directorate of Public Works

(excludes on-post housing maintained by Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes)



For all true life, health, and safety (LHS) issues, please dial 911 immediately. Examples are gas leak, fire, smoke, etc.


For after-hours emergency service order requests, please call (315) 772-DPW1 (3791).


ArMA - Logo Transparent.pngFor all other non-emergency service requests, please use the Army Maintenance Application (ArMA). This is accessible by computer or smartphone. A help sheet is available HERE. ArMA will be used for all non-emergency service requests. Any calls taken by the emergency call center that are not LHS / emergencies will be returned to the requester for submission through ArMA.


If you require assistance on previously submitted service work, please use the ArMA application. Please do not email asking for assistance unless it is an emergency and/or until the following time has passed: Priority 1 work, after 24 hours of order submission; Priority 2 work, after seven days of submission; and Priority 3 work, after 30 days of submission. 



Business & Operations Integration Division (BOID)

(315) 774-6740

Bldg. 4205, Po Valley Road

Fort Drum, NY 13602