Q.     What is the Mayor Program?

A.   The Fort Belvoir Mayor Program is the Garrison Commander’s program, which was initiated as part of the Army's ongoing efforts to improve military housing. The mission of the program is to enhance the Quality of Life for Fort Belvoir residents, increase unit chain of command involvement and visibility, improve communication between the Garrison leadership and Residents, and develop a sense of community within each of the 15 villages of Fort Belvoir. 


Q.  Where can I find the contact information for all of the Mayors?

A.  The name and email for each of the 15 Mayors is located on the 'Housing Portal' under the 'Resources' tab at https://home.army.mil/belvoir/index.php/about/Garrison/directorate-public-works/housing-services-office/housing-resident-portal


Q.  Do Mayors and Deputy Mayors get compensated?

A. No. Mayors and Deputy Mayors are volunteer positions that are registered through the ACS Volunteer Corp program.  


Q. Does the Mayor Program replace the Levels of Escalation?

A. No, the Mayor Program or the Ombudsman does not replace the Levels of Escalation. Residents still have the option to use the chain of command outlined in the Levels of Escalation to resolve their housing concerns or they can use their Mayor and Ombudsman to advocate on their behalf.


Q. Will Mayors get the opportunity to communicate residents’ concerns directly to Fort Belvoir Leadership?

A. The Mayors meet with the Garrison Command Team once a month to discuss housing concerns, issues, recommendations, installation events and activities. Additionally, the Mayors and Deputy Mayors meet with the Ombudsman on a regular basis.


Q. How will the housing Mayors and Deputy Mayors communicate with their residents?

A. Mayors will use their Facebook page that represents their respective community to disseminate information and address questions.   


Q. What can Mayors do for their Residents?

A. Mayors and Deputy Mayors are a tremendous asset to both residents and our housing partners. Mayors can assist residents by serving as a housing liaison which allows the resident to focus on other priorities. They can also diffuse situations and offer alternative courses of action to resolve their concerns.  Due to their positions, they are often able to take concerns directly to the appropriate person to resolve their issues. They can also provide guidance on quality of life issues outside of housing, such as, reenlisting, spouse employment, schools, etc.


Q.  How can I contact the Fort Belvoir Ombudsman?

A.  The Fort Belvoir Ombudsman can be reached at 540-273-7450.