Carrying of privately-owned weapons, explosives, or ammunition on Fort Belvoir is prohibited.

All personnel assigned, attached, or present for duty at Fort Belvoir who reside in residential family quarters, BOQ, or barracks are required to register their firearm. Personnel who do not live on the installation cannot bring on their firearm.  Firearms will be registered within 24 business hours with the DES, Visitor Control Center (VCC) IAW AR 190-11 and FB Reg 190-2. (Note: Firearms will not be transported inside the registration building)

Soldiers in the grade of SGT (E-5) and below must have a Commander’s or Director’s (or equivalent) signature on the Weapons Registration form, Fort Belvoir FB(PM)FM 100.  Authorized dependents will require a Commander's signature.


Registration Options:

Click here for the Fort Belvoir Firearm Registration Form.  Once registered by the Visitor Center, the owner will receive registration via return email. (Note: this is not a hunting permit)

Weapon Transportation

The carrying of a loaded firearm in a vehicle is prohibited.

Privately-owned firearms carried in a vehicle will be secured in the trunk.  For vehicles without a trunk, firearms will be encased in a container other than the glove compartment and carried in such a manner that they will not be readily available to the driver or passengers.

If requested by installation law enforcement personnel or security guard, individuals must present the registration document when the firearm is being transported on the installation.


Please reference FB Reg 190-2 regarding storing of a firearm.