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Come and join us for USAG Fort Belvoir's CFC Kickoff Event on Thursday, 27 October 2022 at 12PM, held in Fort Belvoir's Welcome Center Main Conference Room. We invite you to participate as a judge or a chef.

This event will not only expose you to excellent chili, but organizations and causes that will benefit from your donations and contributions to the CFC Campaign. Reach out to your Key Worker for signup information. I hope to see you there!

2022 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), overseen by the Office of Personnel Management, is one of the world's largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaigns, with 36 CFC zones throughout the country and overseas raising millions of dollars each year with more than $8.6 billion raised since 1961. Each fall, federal civilian, military, and postal employees and retirees pledge funds and volunteer hours to help those in need locally, across the nation, and throughout the world.

The Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area/Northern Virginia is the local campaign for federal employees and retirees in the Fort Belvoir Community. In 2021, the campaign generated more $37 million for the thousands of participating charities. 

For more information, visit GiveCFC.org.      CFC Theme - Face of Change.png


2022 CFC Goals







Cause of the Week

Week of Oct 17: End Poverty

Disaster & Crisis Badge.png    Economic Development; Community Improvement; Refugees; Infrastructure
    Improvement; Women & Girls; Human Trafficking; Refugees; Clean Water; Food 
    & Nutrition

An estimated 700 million people (and one in five children) live below the international poverty line and are deprived of basic human needs such as health care, nutrition, clean water, proper sanitation, and education. The United Nations estimates that due to the effects of the global pandemic, this number could increase by as much as half a billion people. 

People fall into poverty for innumerable reasons - health issues, lack of access to resources, discrimination, natural or manmade disasters - to name a few. The world's poorest people are often the most vulnerable to horrible outcomes like trafficking and exploitation. CFC charities address poverty by caring for immediate needs as well as helping people better prepare for their future through programs like job training, small business support, and legal aid. 

Here's how your CFC donations help to change the world by addressing poverty:  

  • $20 gifts a family a flock of chicks, providing a source of nutrition and income for years to come.
  • $480 buys starting inventory for a clothing small business.
  • $1,500 supports 25 women to create and participate in Savings with Education groups.

End Poverty - Chicks to Family Image.png







Are you interested in hearing from some charities working in disaster and crisis response? WATCH CHARITY VIDEOS. READ CHARITY STORIES. 

If housing and shelter is your cause, show your support by downloading the END POVERTY CAUSE BADGE and using it in your email signature and social media.  




The CFCNCA offers a broad range of giving options. There are three ways to give: THE ONLINE PLEDGE PORTAL, the CFC GIVING MOBILE APP, and a PAPER PLEDGE FORM.

Whichever method you choose, don't forget to download or print and use the "I Gave" BADGE to show your support for the CFC.

To make an anonymous donation, do not complete the optional "Information Release" section.


ONLINE  Computer Icon with CFC Logo.png

  1. Click DONATE in the header of the page.
  2. Create an account or log in to your existing account.
  3. Complete or update your profile. Be sure to enter your work ZIP code and your CFC unit code.
  4. Search for charities you want to support.
  5. Pledge by selecting your designated charities and allocating funds. Federal employees can also pledge volunteer hours!

*For more detailed instructions, download the HOW TO PLEDGE ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS.


CFC GIVING MOBILE APP  Mobile App Graphic.png

  1. Download the App for Apple or Android devices by searching "CFC Giving" in the app store.
  2. Sign in or create an account. Returning donors should use the same login as your CFC online pledge portal account. New donors should create an account, verify it, and set up a profile.
  3. Search for charities. If you are attending an event, you can see the list of charities participating in the event, or you can generate your own list of CFC charities and their descriptions.
  4. Give by tapping each charity you want to support and entering the dollar amount.
  5. Complete your donation by updating or adding your funding source (payroll allotment, bank account or credit/debit card). Federal employees can also pledge volunteer hours!

*For more detailed instructions, download the HOW TO USE THE CFC GIVING MOBILE APP.


PAPER PLEDGE FORM  Pencil & Paper Pledge Form Icon.png

Prefer using pen and paper? You can still complete a PAPER PLEDGE FORM. Download the federal employee, USPS, or retiree form and complete it using the instructions on the second page. Submit it to your Keyworker or mail it directly to the CFC Processing Center: CFC Processing Center, P.O. Box 7820, Madison, WI 53707-7820.Each fall, federal civilian, military, and postal employees and retirees pledge funds and volunteer hours to help those in need locally, across the nation, and throughout the world.



Interested in pledging volunteer hours? Use our ONLINE GIVING PORTAL, or our giving App and pledge volunteer hours in addition to your monetary donation to the charity of your choice. If you pledge volunteer hours during the 2020 campaign, please coordinate with your charity of choice for volunteer opportunities in 2021.  


Fort Belvoir Garrison’s CFC 6 digit codes:

  CMD GRP / HQBN / PAO / IRA                                     DES                                                         DFMWR
MIL: CFC:FKUL7X                                                  MIL:  CFC:0JP2KT                                     MIL: CFC:KRP1Q8
  CIV:  CFC:9MN2RV                                                 CIV:  CFC:PCAXMU                                   CIV:  CFC:UAAL2C

  DHR                                                                                DPTMS                                                         DPW
  MIL:  CFC:QPHKQ0                                                MIL:  CFC:HFJL4Y                                      MIL:  CFC:CN2MTJ
  CIV:   CFC:WE1URR                                                CIV:  CFC:C2VMH0                                     CIV:  CFC:YKPCRH

  DRM / RMO                                                            EEO / ISO / SCD                                                PAIO
  MIL:  CFC:M01MQY                                               MIL:  CFC:EM6JK7                                      MIL:  CFC:P5H1FK
  CIV:  CFC:PLL2HN                                                   CIV:  CFC:0EJJAQ                                        CIV:  CFC:NK1VTR

       MIL:  CFC:TMKKC0
      CIV:  CFC:X7UTWT


Text 'Donate' Image.jpg.png


TEXT "DONATE" TO 978-487-5678

  1. Click the first link* in the text reply.
  2. Complete three fields: email, ZIP Code, and dollar amount.
  3. Search for and select your charity.
  4. Choose your payment: PayPal or Credit Card


*Click the second link in the text reply to visit the CFC Online Giving System for access to the full range of giving options.