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Army Housing Newsflash: July - September 2022

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Mayor Program

Fort Belvoir Mayor Program

In its ongoing effort to improve ways to address resident concerns and provide service and support for Service members and their Families who choose to live on post, Fort Belvoir initiated the Mayor Program.

The program relies on a volunteer staff of 15 Service members, who serve in a key leadership role, called mayors, who represent each of the 15 distinct neighborhoods of The Villages at Belvoir.

Fort Belvoir's Garrison Mayor Program remains the only Army authorized group to represent the interests of the residents on Fort Belvoir. The mayors meet with the Garrison Commander and the housing partners once a month to discuss installation events, programs, issues and concerns. In addition to the regular meetings, the mayors are key in helping to resolve resident concerns, quickly and efficiently, by fielding complaints and directing residents to authorities who can help. Mayors also work with the Fort Belvoir Ombudsman to assist in resolving village resident concerns and enhance communication between housing residents and the Garrison leadership.

To contact your mayor, join your village's Mayor Facebook Group or send them an email.

Residents should also be familiar with and refer to the Levels of Escalation to guide them in resolving any housing concerns.

If you would like to contact the Fort Belvoir Housing Ombudsman, call  703-898-1524 or the Housing Hotline at 571-259-9867. 


Belvoir Village, belvoirvillagemayor@gmail.com   facebook-logo-circle-new.png

Cedar Grove Village, cedargrovevillages@gmail.com facebook-logo-circle-new.png

Colyer Village, colyermayor@gmail.com facebook-logo-circle-new.png

Dogue Creek Village, doguecreekmayor@gmail.com facebook-logo-circle-new.png

Fairfax Village, fairfax.village.mayor@gmail.com facebook-logo-circle-new.png

George Washington Village, georgewashingtonmayor@gmail.com facebook-logo-circle-new.png

Herryford Village, herryfordmayor@gmail.com facebook-logo-circle-new.png

Jadwin Loop Village, jadwinloopmayor@gmail.com facebook-logo-circle-new.png

Lewis Village, mayorlewisvillage@gmail.com facebook-logo-circle-new.png

Park Village, parkvillagemayor@gmail.com facebook-logo-circle-new.png

River Village, rivervillagemayor@gmail.com facebook-logo-circle-new.png

Rossell Village, rossellvillagemayor@gmail.com facebook-logo-circle-new.png

Vernondale Village, vernondalevillagemayor@gmail.com facebook-logo-circle-new.png

Woodlawn Village, woodlawnvillagemayor@gmail.com facebook-logo-circle-new.png

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Safety Tips

Industrial Hygiene Corner

Each month, Fort Belvoir's Industrial Hygienist will share important safety tips with the community to help keep our residents safe and healthy. Check out the tips below!

Learn more about what Industrial Hygienists do for Fort Belvoir housing in an episode of the "Belvoir In The Know Podcast" here. 

July 2022 - Heat Safety


  • Air conditioning is the best way to cool off
  • Drink fluids, even if you don't feel thirsty and avoid alcohol
  • Wear loose, lightweight clothing and a hat
  • Replace lost salt from sweating by drinking fruit juice or sports drinks
  • Avoid spending time outdoors during the hottest time of the day (11 a.m. - 3 p.m.)
  • Wear sunscreen; sunburn affects the body's ability to cool itself
  • Pace yourself when you exercise
  • Keep each other safe: check on your neighbors who are elderly, house-bound or otherwise may be reluctant to ask for help by offering to host them in your air-conditioned home on hot days, drive them to local cooling centers or call relatives or city services to arrange for them to stay cool 


June 2022 - National Safety Month 


  • Use appropriate safety equipment
  • Prevent trips, slips and falls by keeping all floors clean and dry
  • Take breaks regularly
  • Report any local safety concerns
  • Locate all emergency exits in a facility 


May 2022 - May Flowers


  • Ensure that you know the rules of the road and wear the appropriate safety gear while riding a bike
  • Make it a priority to change your smoke alarms
  • Take the appropriate precautions with  children around the pool or any body of water
  • Prepare an emergency weather kit
  • Limit sun exposure
  • Know the signs and symptoms of heat stress and learn how to handle it
  • Pay attention to poisonous plants


April 2022 - April Showers



  • Be aware of any changes in temperature and weather. That could mean a lot of mud and slippery conditions.
  • As the weather improves, there will be an increased number of insects and ticks. It is recommended to wear long sleeves and gloves for outdoor jobs.
  • Use insect repellant while outdoors
  • Ensure yard equipment is functioning properly
  • Reduce the risk of sunburn and skin cancer by wearing long sleeves, a wide-brimmed at, sunglasses and SPF 15+ sunscreen
  • Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated


March 2022 - March into Spring Cleaning

Picture of March IH Corner.jpg

  • Substitute harsh cleaning solvents with natural or organic solvents
  • Use general ventilation; remember to open windows and doors when cleaning
  • Wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when using cleaners. Be sure to read the labels and follow the directions
  • Keep all cleaning solutions away from children
  • To prevent fires, thoroughly clean the link trap in your clothes dryer
  • When working in the yard, wear the proper clothing (long pants), hearing protection and goggles for cutting the grass, trimming shrubs
  • Wear gloves when gardening and wear a hat for protection from the sun
  • Always wear the proper footwear when doing any type of yard work


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Housing FAQs

A.   The Fort Belvoir Mayor Program is the Garrison Commander’s program, which was initiated as part of the Army's ongoing efforts to improve military housing. The mission of the program is to enhance the Quality of Life for Fort Belvoir residents, increase unit chain of command involvement and visibility, improve communication between the Garrison leadership and Residents, and develop a sense of community within each of the 15 villages of Fort Belvoir. 

A.  The name and email for each of the 15 Mayors is located on the 'Housing Portal' under the "Mayor Program" Tab.

A. No. Mayors and Deputy Mayors are volunteer positions that are registered through the ACS Volunteer Corp program.  

A. No, the Mayor Program or the Ombudsman does not replace the Levels of Escalation. Residents still have the option to use the chain of command outlined in the Levels of Escalation to resolve their housing concerns or they can use their Mayor and Ombudsman to advocate on their behalf.

A. The Mayors meet with the Garrison Command Team once a month to discuss housing concerns, issues, recommendations, installation events and activities. Additionally, the Mayors and Deputy Mayors meet with the Ombudsman on a regular basis.

A. Mayors will use their Facebook page that represents their respective community to disseminate information and address questions.   

A. Mayors and Deputy Mayors are a tremendous asset to both residents and our housing partners. Mayors can assist residents by serving as a housing liaison which allows the resident to focus on other priorities. They can also diffuse situations and offer alternative courses of action to resolve their concerns.  Due to their positions, they are often able to take concerns directly to the appropriate person to resolve their issues. They can also provide guidance on quality of life issues outside of housing, such as, reenlisting, spouse employment, schools, etc.

A.  The Fort Belvoir Ombudsman can be reached at 540-273-7450. 

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Army Housing in the News

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ActiveBuilding Work Order System


Don't forget to register for the  ActiveBuilding Resident Portal. This resource allows you to stay connectd with your community. A major benefit of ActiveBuilding is the option to submit routine work orders. This feature is only intended for routine work orders and does not include Emergency and/or Urgent work orders. 

Be sure to check your e-mail for a system-generated e-mail from noreply@activebuilding.com. If you did not receive the email or your link has expired, contact your Community Management Team to request  a new e-mail for you. For more information, visit The Villages at Belvoir.


Fort Belvoir's Army Housing Online User Services

Army Housing Online User Services .png

Visit Fort Belvoir's Army Housing Online User Services page on the Official U.S. Army Housing Website.


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