The Directorate of Emergency Services provides quality force protection, law enforcement, physical security, access control, Fire & Emergency services, and Police and Community Liaison services to the community. DES provides oversight on installation law enforcement standards and initiatives for personnel, equipment and training. DES provides support in the areas of Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Services, Physical Security, Surety, Antiterrorism and Emergency Management to protect property and the workforce. The DES consists of Law Enforcement (LE), Physical Security (PS), Fire and Emergency Services (F&ES) and Protection (P). Fire and Emergency Services (F&ES) Branch covers Incident Command and mitigation of all Installation emergency responses, Emergency Dispatch Centers, All-Hazard response operations, Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting operations, and Fire Prevention/Public Education Programs.

DES Divisions

FireIcon.png    Fire and Emergency Services

PoliceIcon.png    Law Enforcement

AccessControlIcon.png    Physical Security / Access Control