Suicide Prevention Training

Annual Training and Suicide Safety Stand-down Training

Annual Suicide Prevention training is a requirement for all Soldiers. Units may also conduct special, unscheduled, training in response to a suicide event in their formations.

For more information on Suicide Prevention training, contact the Suicide Prevention Program Manager at (785) 239-1012.

Gatekeeper Training

In accordance with Policy Letter #2, Gatekeepers are individuals who are trained to recognize indicators that someone may be at risk of suicide, possess intervention skills to prevent suicide, and advise unit leadership regarding mitigation efforts and resources available on Fort Riley and in the surrounding communities.

Training is conducted at Bldg. 7424 (ASAP) every Thursday from 1300 to 1630. Uniform is OCP. Units may reserve seats for individual Soldiers in ATRRS, utilizing the FR28, through their training room NCOs.

Suicide Prevention Intervention

The Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (CSSRS)

All first line leaders on Fort Riley must familiarize themselves with the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (CSSRS). If you are new to the organization, ensure that your company leadership is aware if you are familiar with, or have used, the CSSRS. Battalion Unit Ministry Teams (UMT) and Company Leadership are capable of facilitating the easy training.

Once first line leaders know and understand their Soldiers better, they can see if something is wrong –if there might be something in a Soldier’s life that is driving them toward suicidal thoughts or actions. The CSSRS is a simple tool to help the leader assess the situation and determine what action to take next. As with any tool, what is most important is to use common sense and good judgment.

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Suicide Post-vention

Suicide Event Quick Response Team (SEQRT)

The Purpose of the SEQRT is to examine a suicide attempt or death by suicide case and determine lessons learned and a way ahead for Soldiers, survivors, and units. The SEQRT is held monthly and is directed by the Fort Riley Operations Center (FROC).


There are numerous ways for providing after-care when a unit has experienced a suicidal event. Contact Embedded Behavioral Health (EBH), Military Family Life Counselors (MFLC), or the unit chaplain for after-care services.

Memorial Ceremonies

AR 600-20 requires units to conduct memorial ceremonies for ALL SM’s who die of suicide. The Unit Ministry Team can help provide advisement for memorial ceremonies.