The Visual Information Support Center (VISC) provides photo services, i.e., DA Photo and Command Photo (head and shoulder), and documentation of historic events.

Changing rooms are not available in studio.   Appointments are scheduled via the VIOS web site.  Upon request the VI staff can accommodate specialized appointment date and times. Please contact the office at 785-239-3871 for additional information. 

Diversity issues have prompted the Secretaries of Defense and Army to issue policy memorandums eliminating the use of photos in DA Centralized Selection Boards. MILPER Message 20-209 announced the new policy. This policy has been  incorporated into MILPER Messages related to future selection boards and instruction guides for personnel action packets for schools and other training. AR 640-30 Official Army Photographs has not been rescinded.  The DA Photo requirement remains in effect.  However, this photo will not be viewed by a Selection Board.  A Soldier still retains the option to schedule a photo appointment for a promotion or specialized selection board.



Photo Support

All photography services are provided by appointment only!

To schedule an appointment for a photo, please go to
* Photography services are operated in accordance with AR-25-1, AR 640-30, and DA Pamphlet 25-91

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I walk in to get my DA photo?

All photography services are scheduled by appointment at

What is required for a DA photo shoot?

Wear uniform (jacket, shirt, tie, trousers/skirt plus all authorized awards, ribbons or badges).

Will photographer help me with my uniform?

No. It is your responsibility to ensure your uniform is clean, fits properly and all authorized awards, ribbons and badges are placed on your uniform.

Are dressing rooms available?

No. There are no dressing rooms on site, however, there is a restroom on the floor that you can use to change uniforms.

Do I need to bring my trousers or skirt for the DA photo?

Yes. Photo is not full length but upper portion of trousers or skirt will be visible. Shoes will not be visible in the photo.

Is Distinctive Unit Insignia (DUI) required for DA photo?

Yes, DUIs are the only exception to the permanent rule.

I was told to remove the DUIs for the photo shoot, is this correct?

No, see above. DUIs are required.

Can I wear my Infantry rope or other military cords or ropes?

No, the infantry rope is a branch-specific item not authorized for the official DA photo (DA Pam 670-1, para 19-30). Other "ropes" fourrageres are foreign unit awards from World Wars One and Two. It is extremely unlikely that a current active duty Soldier was assigned to the unit when it was awarded.

Can officers wear the Schuetzenschnur rope?

The German Schuetzenschnur is a foreign award for enlisted personnel only and may be worn if the Soldier has permanent orders to wear it.

I have Leadership tabs and Infantry blue discs, can I wear them?

No, remove all leadership tabs and infantry blue discs. These items are not permanent awards and are not authorized to wear for a DA Photo.

Can I wear a unit award which I received from the unit that I am assigned to?

No, wear only permanently awarded unit awards which are stated on your ERB or ORB.

I was awarded a unit award while assigned to the unit with orders, can I wear it?

Yes, if the badge was awarded to the unit while you were assigned to the unit you are authorized to wear it.

I am receiving a new award, but it has not been added to my ERB or ORB. Can I wear the new award for the DA photo?

Wear only authorized ribbons, badges, and awards that are current in your record as of the date of the photo. It is your responsibility to ensure your photo matches your ERB or ORB.

I had my photo taken and realized, I have the wrong ribbon. Can I do a retake of the photo?

It is your and the Command's responsibility to ensure your uniform is correct prior to coming to the studio. Re-takes are taken only for errors caused by the photographer or the equipment (AR 640-30, Para 6k): If you discover an error after the photo is taken, you will need to schedule a new appointment through VIOS.

I missed my appointment because I had other important things to do.

DA photo appointment is a designated place of duty, like medical or SRP appointments. Missed appointments are costly and you are taking away another service member's appointment opportunity. To cancel an appointment call 239-3871.

Where can I go to review my DA photo?

1. Log into DAPMIS:

2. The DAPMIS introduction page is displayed on thescreen. Check box for User Agreement andselect OK.

3. Select Photo View button.

4. The Photo View and Acceptance screen displays yourcurrent photo of record (if it already exists) on the left and your new photoon the right. If you are satisfied withyour photo, click on the "Accept" button.

5. Per AR 640-30, Photographers will take reshoots onlywhen there is an error caused by the photographer or the equipment.

I did not see my photo in DAPMIS, what do I need to do?

If you are unable to see your DA photo in DAPMISwithin three duty days after the photo was taken contact the facility where youtook your photo (Ft. Riley, 239-3871) to verify that the photo has beenuploaded to DAPMIS with the correct name as it appears on the personneldatabase. If you do not accept the photowithin three duty days, the system will automatically accept the photo on thefourth duty day, and it will become your official DA photo of record. Once accepted, your DA photo will beimmediately available in DAPMIS.

I am a 2LT/WO1/SGT and was told to submit a DA photo for my ERB/ORB

Only soldiers in the grade of 1LT or higher, CW2 or higher, or SSG or higher are authorized to have a DA Photo uploaded to their ERB/ORB. DAPMIS will reject photos for soldiers not authorized a photo.

I am deploying next month and I will be promoted to 1LT/WO2 after I deploy, can I get a photo with the promotable grade?

No, you must be in a grade authorized an official photo on the date of the photo. If you are deployed or assigned to an area where photographic facilities are not available you are temporarily exempt from the requirement for a photo. You must be photographed within 90 days of returning to an area where facilities are available.

Can I submit hard copies of my DA photo?

No, DA photo must be submitted electronically by a designated VI facility.

How can I find the location of the nearest VI facility for DA photo?

Go to , select the region where you are located and select an installation from the presented drop-down list.

What happens if I do not 'accept' or 'reject' my photo within three (3) business days?

DAPMIS will automatically accept the photo on the 4th business day and it will become your official DA photo for record. Additionally, it will be available in iPERMS within one duty day.

Can I reject the current DA photo after the DAPMIS has accepted the image?

No, once DAPMIS accepts the photo, you will need to take a new photo to replace the current photo.

I went to DAPMIS, viewed and approved my DA photo, but when I logged into my ERB/ORB, my photo was not available. Will the promotion board see my photo?

IAW MILPER Message 20-209, effective 1 Aug 2020, the requirement for officer, warrant officer and enlisted selection boards to include the DA Photo as part of the board file is suspended.

I am concerned and want to ensure my DA photo is available in time to be viewed by the board members.

See previous FAQ

How does an Active Guard (SGR) Soldier update the date of last photo on their ERB/ORB?

Contact the enlisted or officer record section at St. Louis when the date does not automatically update.

What is the timeframe for my photo to be available for other applications (OMPF, myERB, myORB) once I have accepted the photo?

The photo is normally available within 72 hours on those records.

Can a Sergeant or below submitting a packet for OCS, Green to Gold, Warrant, Recruiting, Reclassification, Special Forces have their DA photo uploaded to their ERB?

No, you will receive hard copies, which you will submit with your packet. Your photo will not be uploaded via DAPMIS, as AR 640-30 requires you to be in the grade of a SSG or higher.

Are all Soldiers, regardless of rank, DA photos loaded into DAPMIS?

No, enlisted Soldiers below the grade of SSG, and officers of grade WO1 or 2LT are not authorized to have a DA photo uploaded to DAPMIS.