The mission of the Fort Riley Fire and Emergency Services is to protect the lives, property, and environment of the Soldiers and citizens of the Fort Riley community.  We will respond as an all hazards emergency response agency to any natural or man-made disaster, provide emergency medical care, and reinforce education through prevention while being a proactive community partner in the Flint Hill Region.


Fire Publications

Fire Safety Staff Inspection Plan

FR fm 670 - Building Emergency Contacts

FR Pam 420-1 - Fire Warden Responsibilities

FR Reg 420-4 Fire Prevention Protection Program

Sample Fire Safety SOP

Fire Station Locations

Fort Riley Fire & Emergency Services consists of 5 fire stations:

Station 1 - 5000 Normandy Drive

Station 2 - 430 Godrey Avenue

Station 3 - 706 Ray Road

Station 4 - 1026 Huebner Road

Station 5 - 2620 Trooper Drive