Fort Riley regularly supports a wide variety of community relations is proud of the relationship we maintain with our community partners. Please follow the instructions below if you are interested in requesting Fort Riley and/or First Infantry Division participation in your event.

To request military participation or display items for your organization or special event:

1. Open a DD Form 2536 (or DD Form 2535 for aviation requests).

2. Save the form to your computer. Complete the form and save again.

3. Email the completed form to 1ID-Fort-Riley-Community-Support@army.mil.

NOTE: You MUST complete and submit the form a minimum of 120 days (16 weeks) prior to your event! Requests received inside a 120 day window will not be considered. Please be respectful and understanding of this policy, as it allows our Soldiers ample time to work community events into their training plans. 

Available Resources

Military Speakers
Speakers are available for ceremonies, community events and local meetings to discuss Fort Riley's past, present and future. Speakers can range from military officials to civilian subject matter experts.

Commanding General’s Mounted Color Guard
The Commanding General's Mounted Color Guard
provides a link to Fort Riley's historic past. Troopers and horses of this unit are outfitted in the uniforms, accoutrements and equipment of the Civil War period. The unit can provide a mounted color guard during parades, carrying your choice of the American flag, Kansas state
flag, U.S. Army flag, and Division flag on horseback. The unit's mules and wagon are also available for parades.
Additionally, the Mounted Color Guard is available for demonstrations. Demonstrations are an exhibition of skill and precision required of a cavalry horse Soldier. They include various drills and shows using the cavalry saber, .45 caliber revolver and the Springfield carbine. Demonstrations
take approximately 15 minutes and include an opportunity to meet the Soldiers and horses.

Cavalry Encampment
Soldiers of the Mounted Color Guard can set up encampments at community events to showcase the history of westward expansion in the United States.
Encampments include the chuck wagon and mules, tents, weapons, cooking utensils and other items that demonstrate living conditions of that time period.

First Infantry Division Band
The 1st Infantry Division Band’s mission is to represent the 1st Infantry Division for military ceremonies and the communities that support Fort Riley and Division Soldiers. Capable of performing a variety of music, the ensemble frequently entertains audiences with light overtures, marches, show tunes and big band music of the 40s and 50s.

Color Guards
A Color Guard is a group of Soldiers who carry selected flags
in ceremonies and parades. The color guard can wear a variety of uniforms to include Civil War period uniforms,
Class A dress uniforms and the current Army Combat Uniforms. The Soldiers can carry the American flag, Kansas
state flag, U.S. Army flag and the Division flag.

Static Displays
Tactical and heavy wheeled vehicles

Aerial Flyover Requests
Aerial demonstrations and flyovers, to include helicopter static displays at civilian air shows and local events. The event must be a significant size with at least 5,000 spectators and can be performed only during daylight hours.

Requests for tours can be considered on a case by case basis. Please add details of what you would like your tour to include in block 24 of DD form 2536 and review access procedures to ensure your group will have proper documentation to access the post.

Unavailable Resources

Service members actively volunteer on their off-duty time in a variety of charitable organizations, schools, and churches in their communities. Their participation, however, is strictly a personal choice and is not regulated by the DoD.

Simulator Tours
Due to continued demand for Soldier training and budgetary considerations, all simulators are now available only to ROTC, JROTC and distinguished visitors, and will not otherwise be available for use by civilian persons or groups. This includes Engagement Skills Trainers (EST), Close Combat Tactical Trainers (CCTT), and all aviation trainers. Fort Riley regrets this limitation but does so to make maximum and efficient use of Department of Defense and U.S. Army resources. This list is not all inclusive -- there may be other activities we could support if requested.

Department of Defense (DoD) policy prohibits:

  • Endorsing or appearing to endorse a specific organization, product, or commercial service.
  • Using military resources when such assets are reasonably available from commercial sources and where such support would be, in fact, perceived as unfair competition.
  • Using military resources and/or personnel to increase sales, business traffic, or attendance at an event.
  • Using personnel outside military bases to act as guards, parking lot attendants, runners, messengers, baggage handlers, or for other menial tasks.
  • Active-duty military participation in fund-raising activities, excluding the Combined Federal
  • Campaign and military relief societies.

Please keep in mind that if your event occurs on a weekend or outside the normal duty day it could conflict with the off-duty time of our civilian and service members, and may be difficult to support.