RAPIDS appointment scheduler: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/#/

What we do for you:
Issue / replace the Common Access Card (CAC) and Uniformed Services ID Card for authorized customers.
Enroll / update authorized customers information in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).

What you can do for us:

Before driving here, there may be another office closer to where you live:

ID cards - DEERS Locations



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Please make an appointment so we can take care of you in a timely manner!
Appointments are available up to two months in advance using the online Appointment Scheduler:
Make, find, or cancel an appointment online.
Appointments start at 0800 each day with the last appointments scheduled to start at 1530.

It is your responsibility to bring all Required Documentation for the services we offer, or you will be re-scheduled. Some expired forms of ID may now be used. Also, have two valid forms of identification regardless of age.

Appointments will still be the priority, but walk-ins will be accepted on an emergency case by
case basis for ID cards that are:

-- Expired ID:
All ID cards may be renewed 90 days prior to expiration.

MilConnect: Before a family member's ID card expires, the sponsor, using their CAC card, can now go to MilConnect to submit the required DD 1172 form online. The dependent can then renew their ID card without the sponsor. View the Guide and go to https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/milconnect/

-- Need a PIN reset

-- Lost or Stolen - View the Lost / Stolen Incident Report form. Bring completed form with you or get the form at the MPD / AG office. The form only needs to be signed by a sponsor for a dependent ID with two forms of identification.