Welcome to the Fort Belvoir Legal Assistance website.

The Legal Assistance Division of the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate for Fort Belvoir is committed to providing quality legal assistance services to all eligible clients, including active duty/activated service members, military retirees, and military dependents. We provide client services for a variety of legal issues including family law, wills and estate planning, tax law, landlord/ tenant matters, contract disputes and consumer law.

Eligible clients who live outside of the National Capital Region should consult the nearest installation Client Legal Services office by visiting https://legalassistance.law.af.mil/.

Please check our Facebook page for up to date office closures and hours of operation.

Legal Advice is only provided by our attorneys during scheduled appointments. General Guidance on case types is listed below:

Divorce / separation cases:  Services open to active duty service members and their spouses who live or work on Ft. Belvoir.

Wills / estate planning cases:  Services open to active duty families who live or work on Ft. Belvoir and anyone preparing for a deployment.  Services are also open to military retirees in receipt of retired pay and their dependents who live in Virginia.

Disabled adult guardianship petitions:  Services open to active duty families who live or work in the NCR.

Military administrative cases:  Services open to active duty Army Soldiers who live or work on Ft. Belvoir.

Civil cases (landlord tenant disputes, small claims, etc.):  Services open to active duty families who live or work on Ft. Belvoir.

Walk-in Notaries / Power of Attorney (no appointment needed):

Open Mon. - Fri., 0900 to 1300 on regular duty days for all eligible clients, no appointment needed.

Home Closing Documents by Appointment ONLY. 

We only provide support for Virginia home closings, and these services are provided by appointment only. Please have your documents completed and tabbed on all signature pages before your appointment.  Please do not sign the documents before coming to our office.  The notary will not be able to answer questions about your documents, but only verifies your identity and signature. We are not permitted to serve as an official agent on behalf of your title company or bank.  We cannot notarize incomplete forms. 

To request an appointment with one of our attorneys, please send a blank email to our Rapid Appointment Request Email:



Click here to view the Will Worksheet.

Click here to view the Divorce/Separation Worksheet.


Tax Center:

The Legal Assistance Division permanently closed its tax center in 2020.


Trial Defense Service: 

If you are under criminal investigation, facing UCMJ action, or Separation (Chapter) Packet please reach TDS at (703) 805-4383.


Administrative Law Office: 

If you need help with ethics, a post-government employment letter, Off-Duty work packet, or a SkillBridge Packet, call (703) 805-4393.  


If you are seeking help with MEB/PEB please call 703-805-0377 or you can find them in the Warriors Pavilion (9501 Farrell Road).

Fort Belvoir Community Hospital:

If you are looking for medical claims please call 571-231-2877 or you can find them in the Sunrise Pavilion (9300 DeWitt Loop).