The RMO responsibly resources Fort Belvoir service providers and staff based on the commander's priorities, and ensures sound financial stewardship of those resources.


A competent and motivated team of professionals leading Fort Belvoir to enhanced levels of service by pro-actively planning and by using efficient and effective processes to optimize resources.


The Resource Management Office (RMO) provides stewardship of financial and manpower resources. Resource management includes programs, services, and functions related to programming and budgeting, finance and accounting, cost analysis, support agreements, manpower and equipment documentation and management, management controls, and review and analysis.

RMO serves as a repository for Installation Agreements (IAs) and maintains the annual Catalog of Services. RMO oversee all financial aspects of the Installation Agreements (IA) program; certify funding availability for support. Develop/review/execute funding annex.

RMO is committed to providing requested support to Army, DoD, non-DoD Federal activities to extent of directed capabilities, mission assignments, and funding levels in the best interest of the US Government and the DoD as a whole.


                               Frequent Reimbursables for Army tenants (only when applicable)

                                                                      USAG Fort Belvoir Catalog of Services


DES - CLS 600 - Physical Security                                           

Alarm Monitoring/IDS Maintenance

DHR - CLS 113 - Official Mail                                                         

Based on measurable, actual usage

DPW - CLS 402 - Custodial Services                                          

For requested, above-baseline

DPW - CLS 400,409,411,420 - Facility Maintenance               

Based on DPW guidance and IJOs

DPW - CLS 505 - Environmental Compliance                              

As required or requested

DPW - CLS 510 - Pest Management                                     

As required or requested, above-baseline