To receive expedited Visitor Access Service, please complete one of the two application forms listed below; Sponsored or Unsponsored.  This will minimize your wait time when in the Visitor Center. Visitors who decide to complete an application on arrival will expect longer wait times, between 5-15 minutes.

There are two types of passes: Unsponsored and Sponsored:


Unsponsored passes are for 90 days and can be renewed. This pass is valid through Tulley or Lieber Gate.


Sponsored passes are valid up to one year and can be renewed. This pass is valid through all gates except Farrar Gate. To receive a sponsored pass, you must be sponsored by someone that works or lives on Fort Belvoir. Sponsors working on the installation must be DoD Civilian or Active Duty U.S. Military. Sponsors living on the installation must be Active Duty Military or Dependent 18 years of age or older. All contractors, to include CAC card with the green strip, cannot be a sponsor. 


The application must be completed fully and legible.  Forms that are illegible or not fully completed cannot be processed.  Please note, the applicant's Social Security Number (SSN) is required.  Visitors who use their state-issued driver's license or state-issued identification card information on their application can apply for the expedited service.  All others will process through the Visitor Center on arrival. 

Complete the following application form that applies to you and email it to the Visitor Control Center at


Please note, the applicant’s name on the Unsponsored/Sponsored form MUST match what's on their identification.

Click here for the UNSPONSORED PASS FORM


Click here for the SPONSORED PASS FORM



What if I do not want to email it? The applicant can hand-carry in the completed application or they can complete an application in-office on arrival.  Hand-carrying in the completed form will save the applicant a couple of minutes when processing for their pass. 


Once your completed form is emailed and received by the Visitor Center, you will receive an automatic email reply stating your pass will be ready for pick up in 72 business hours.  A confirmation email informing you that the pass is ready will not be provided.  To pick up the pass the applicant will need to go inside the Visitor Center and present their ID.  A secondary ID may be required.  Please click on the Real ID Act, which explains if a secondary ID is needed.  If you do not have a secondary ID, you will not receive a pass.  If you arrive after-hours you will not be able to pick up your Expedited Pass.  You can still access the installation by driving through the commercial canopy at Tulley Gate. (please note, only the applicant can pick up their own pass)

Visitor Center is open Monday-Friday 0600-1800 hrs.  Closed on weekends and holidays. 

Please click on Fitness Determination. If you have any of these offenses on your criminal record, you will NOT be allowed access to the installation.


Davison Army Airfield (DAAF) Access: To access this area without an escort, you must complete the Sponsored Form. The sponsor must work on Davison Army Airfield and be a DoD Civilian or Active Duty U.S. Military.


If you do not have a state-issued driver's license or identification card, you can complete the form, print it off, and process through the Visitor Center. This will save you time from having to complete the form in the office.


Taxis, Ubers, Lyfts, For Hire Vehicles: Visitors driving these types of vehicles cannot apply for a pass. They will need to drive through the commercial lane at Tulley Gate at all times.


Foreign Visitors: Foreign visitors that are accessing the post for official business must be cleared through the Fort Belvoir DPTMS Security Office. Once cleared, they will send you a memorandum, which is considered the access pass.


Foreign visitors not accessing for business must process through the Visitor Center with a sponsor. Sponsors must possess a DoD Civilian CAC card, Active Duty or Retired Military ID Card, or Dependent ID Card 18 years of age or older.


Please note, foreign visitors must have a valid Homeland Security stamp in their passport. If there is no valid stamp, they will need to provide documents stating they are legally here in the United States. You can print off the required I094 Form here.