Curbside Recycling:

Not available in on-post residential areas.

24-Hour Drop Off Point: 

G Street - Next to Recycle Center

NOTE: This drop off is for recyclable material only - not household trash (see graphic below for items that are accepted). 

  • Grocery Bags (many local stores have drop boxes for used grocery bags)
  • Diapers
  • Take Out Styrofoam Food Containers must be #1 or #2

Office Recycle Points: (Due to COVID mitigation policies - office recycling is suspended until further notice - recycling can be taken to the drop-off point at the Recycle Center.)

  • Separate paper and cardboard from other materials
  • If your office does not have one, Call 239-2094
  • Place materials in bags or bins provided by the recycle center and leave in designated drop off point & we will pick them up
  • Bins must be lined with plastic trash bags provided by the customer

Bulk pickup

Available upon request for large quantities of material (Not for military housing) by the customer

Thank you for helping our environment by recycling. If you have questions about recyclable materials contact the recycling center.