Recycling is Easy on Fort Riley!

Curbside Recycling:

        Curbside recycling is available in the Family Housing Areas – residents just need to place their recyclables in the designated curbside recycling bin and leave the bin by the curb on the day designated for recycling collection in your neighborhood – no need to sort recyclable materials!

24-Hour Drop Off Points:
G Street – Next to Recycle Center
PX Parking Lot
PX Mini-Mall (by Burger King)

Office Recycle Points:
Separate paper and cardboard from other materials
If your office does not have one, Call 239-2094
Place materials in bags or bins provided by the recycle center and leave in designated drop off point & we will pick them up
Bins must be lined with plastic trash bags provided by the customer

Bulk pickup is available upon request for large quantities of material (Not for military housing)