Curbside Recycling:

        Despite months-long efforts by the installation to sustain recycling efforts, Fort Riley must suspend recycling operations in the housing areas by Jan. 10, 2020. The values of recycled materials has plummeted world-wide since October 2018. DoD Policy requires cost to process and sell materials recycled to be fully funded by proceeds from sales of the recycled materials. To prevent imminent insolvency of program 3 employees were recently transferred from Recycling Operations to other positions. To compensate for loss of labor availability, Fort Riley will suspend recycling operations that are not cost-effective. Curbside collection of recyclable materials from Family Housing will be suspended following final pickup of materials during dates Dec. 31-Jan. 9, 2020.


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24-Hour Drop Off Points:
G Street – Next to Recycle Center
PX Parking Lot
PX Mini-Mall (by Burger King)

Office Recycle Points:
Separate paper and cardboard from other materials
If your office does not have one, Call 239-2094
Place materials in bags or bins provided by the recycle center and leave in designated drop off point & we will pick them up
Bins must be lined with plastic trash bags provided by the customer

Bulk pickup is available upon request for large quantities of material (Not for military housing)