DFAC insideYour Installation Dining Facility (DFAC) offers a rotating menu of several choices of an entrée, soup of the day, starch of the day and vegetable. Those dining in also have the option of a salad bar, pizza, fresh fruit and dessert. There is also a drive through option, so customers in a rush can get their meals and go to work. Carry out meals will be prepared upon customer request over the serving line during regular meal hours.

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Meals Served

  • Drive-through: 0430-0900
  • Dine-in: 0630-0800
  • Dine-in: Weekend & Federal Holidays: 0800-0930
  • Grab-N-Go: 0800-0900 Monday-Friday


  • Drive-through: 1100-1430
  • Dine-in: 1130-1300
  • Grab-N-Go: 1300-1400 Monday-Friday


  • Drive-through: 1600-1800
  • Dine-in: 1700-1830
  • Grab-N-Go: Closed

Meals Cost
Breakfast - $4.35
Lunch - $7.00
Dinner - $6.05

Holiday Meal Rate: $11.40 (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and the U.S. Army Birthday Lunch)

Spouses and dependents of enlisted Soldiers in pay grades E1 - E4 are considered "Discounted"
Breakfast - $3.20
Lunch - $5.35
Dinner - $4.60

Holiday Meal Rate: $8.45 (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and the U.S. Army Birthday Lunch)

We ask all Visiting/Training Units to utilize the Main Dining Room. For Proper Headcount.

Who Can Eat at the DFAC?
Per Command Policy 21, the DFAC is open to all personnel. This includes all Department of Defense and international military, contractors, and personnel who are at Fort Leavenworth for temporary duty (TDY).

Serving our Subsistence-in-Kind (SIK) enlisted Soldiers is paramount and they remain our highest priority. Opening the dining facility to other personnel is discretionary and will not interfere with that priority.

SIK Soldiers in uniform have the privilege of moving to the front of the line (pay and serving) during any meal.

Authorization to subsist in the dining facility is a privilege and is subject to change by the Commanding General of Fort Leavenworth without prior notification.

The current meal cost (cash only at this time) will be charged to all non-SIK customers. The meal costs are prescribed by the Under Secretary of Defense and are subject to change.

The Logistics Readiness Center (LRC) manages the DFAC.