Mission Statement

Provide our Army with Basically Trained, Disciplined, Motivated, and Physically Fit soldiers who Espouse the Army’s Core Values and are Focused on Teamwork.


In order to execute the mission of U.S. Army Training Center & Fort Jackson and achieve our environmental goals, we will implement programs that ensure environmental compliance, prevent pollution, sustain natural and cultural resources, and promote continual improvement.


The U.S. Army will be a national leader in environmental and natural resource stewardship for present and future generations as an integral part of our mission. We will support this vision by a strategy that gives immediate priority to sustained compliance with all environmental laws; simultaneously continue to restore previously contaminates as quickly as funds permit; focus efforts on pollution prevention and reduce or eliminate pollution at the sources; and conserve and preserve natural and cultural resources so they will be available for present and future generations to use.
ENV Division Contact Information:
ENV Division Chief: (803) 751-6858
Office Automation Assistant: (803) 751-5011
  • Management
  • Compliance
  • Endangered Species
  • Fish and Wildlife
  • Forestry
  • Cultural Resource