The Army Substance Abuse Program provides education & early intervention to help commanders, civilian supervisors, and the Fort Jackson community reduce lifestyle risk factors to increase healthy outcomes. We are committed to understanding our supported units and their missions, anticipating what is needed to sustain mission readiness, and proudly serving as a valued member of the Commander’s battle staff.

Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) ServicesPrevention and Education Training Services:

  • Provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) education services
  • ASAP education services to family members in support of FRG
  • UPL certification/recertification courses
  • Unit Risk Inventory Surveys
  • Analyze and provide data to mitigate high risk behaviors
  • Coordinate ACE-SI Tier 2 Attendees Course
  • Substance Abuse Prevention/Awareness Training
  • Provide EAP assessments, referrals, short term counseling services
  • Drug Testing Program Services:
  • Civilian Random and Pre-employment Testing

Unit Risk Inventory.  All Fort Jackson units are required to conduct an annual Unit Risk Inventory (URI), IAW AR 600-85, The Army Substance Abuse Program.  The Risk Reduction Program Coordinator will conduct the URI for battalion size elements, and companies with 20 or more Soldiers.  New Commanders must complete the URI 90 days after assuming command. In order for this to be effective, at least 80% of the unit must be present for the survey.  The commander can use the results of the URI to adjust training and prevention efforts within the unit.  Units requesting the URI must provide a facility that will accommodate the number of personnel being surveyed.  To schedule your URI, contact the Fort Jackson ASAP POC at (803) 751-7294.

Unit Training. IAW AR 600-85 23 July 2020 All unit training whether conducted by the commander, UPL, the ASAP staff, or a guest speaker will be documented using a sign in roster to record who attended, the topic, the date, start time, and end time of the class. A copy of the sign-in-sheet will be provided to the installation ASAP within five working days. For more information contact the Fort Jackson ASAP POC at (803) 751-5007.

 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Training (ADAPT). IAW AR 600-85 23 July 2020, Soldiers who have a positive UA or have had an incident that involved a substance abuse issue are required to attend and complete ADAPT at least once prior to separation of service, deployment, or permanent change of duty station. Contact the Fort Jackson ASAP POC,  (803) 751-5007 for training dates.