***Carrying concealed weapons on Fort Jackson is NOT AUTHORIZED.***

Weapons Registration

All personnel (including but not limited to active duty, retired, National Guard, and reserve military and their family members; Department of Defense employees and their family members; and civilians who are not affiliated with Fort Jackson) who desire to maintain, frequently use, or transport a privately owned weapon on this installation will register the weapon(s) with the Provost Marshal Office (within three (3) duty days if the weapon is to be stored on post or if the owner intends to use the MWR hunting areas or ranges).

Registration of the weapon does not replace or relieve individuals of their responsibility to comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws regarding possession, purchase, sale, transfer, and transport of weapons.

Weapons Transportation

Weapon registration and transportation restrictions apply to personnel assigned or residing on Fort Jackson, or utilizing Post hunting areas. All other visitors and family members to Fort Jackson are prohibited from entering the installation with firearms or ammunition. This includes firearms and/or ammunition stored in trunks or cargo areas of vehicles. The South Carolina concealed weapon law does not apply on Fort Jackson. All personnel must follow Fort Jackson policy regarding weapon use, storage and transport upon entry on to the installation. Concealed weapons are prohibited on post unless authorized by the Directorate of Emergency Services for law enforcement duties as prescribed in AR 190-14, para 2-8. Military personnel violating this prohibition subject themselves to disciplinary action under the UCMJ and/or administrative actions as deemed appropriate by the commander. Family members, civilian employees or other civilians violating this prohibition subject themselves to administrative action and/or criminal prosecution under applicable state or federal laws and regulations.

Useful Links

South Carolina Concealed Weapons & Permits: http://www.sled.sc.gov/cwp.aspx?MenuID=CWP