Three things you need to be aware of:

1.       CHANGES IN UPLOAD PERMISSIONS: Page contributors no longer have the permission to upload documents. If the adjustment works, they now have to ask a Page Manager or Site Manager to place the document in the appropriate spot in the File Manager. This measure is part of our response to the number of cybersecurity violations (VDPs) – we expect managers, who are OPSEC II trained and/or senior public affairs officers – to check for releasability before documents are posted. Remember, the most frequent violation was a slide deck with a subtle “FOUO” in the footer or header. That brought us to this point.

2.       THE FUTURE OF SPEED – HOW WE ARE TACKLING THE SLOWDOWN ISSUE: Shelby and the AAG team are putting the speed issue as their number 1 priority. The changes they are putting in place are expected to start working in the next couple of weeks. If you’d like details, we will send them – but be warned, if you were an English or Journalism major, it will be about as clear as a screenshot from The Matrix.

3.       INTERIM SOLUTION – ADDING LIGHTNESS: “Simplify, then add lightness.” The words of the great 20th century philosopher Colin Chapman easily apply to website management. There are many places where your sites hoard information. At best, it fills up the storage space on the servers. But it also has to be accounted for, queried and cataloged by the database. Nanoseconds wasted going through old information add up. To be sure, it doesn’t add up to much, but any second saved is worth it at this point.

ALL THIS leads to our next action: I have asked Jim to remove all but the last 10 versions of your pages and empty your site trash containers. We should end up with a substantial decrease in the amount of storage we continue to hold. This we’re doing for you.

YOU CAN take action as well:

-- Remove dead drafts. Go to your sitemap, open “Show System Pages” in the dropdown on the upper right, then go to Drafts. I have seen garrisons with many pages of unnamed drafts. The unfortunate thing is they have to be deleted one-by-one.

-- Remove unused  files from your file manager. Sure, you can continue to publish archives, but how valuable is a town hall slide show from three years ago?


Colin Chapman was known for creativity and work ethic. Those characteristics led his organization, Team Lotus, to overcome its rival, Ferrari, and dominate Formula 1 racing from the mid-60’s through the late 70’s.


Go, Team IEW.