Our Mission:

To ensure compliance with established EEO laws, rules and regulations and promote an inclusive work environment that ensures equal employment opportunity, fosters a culture that values diversity and empowers individuals to participate constructively to their fullest potential in support of the IMCOM mission.

IMCOM HQ Civilian Employees and Applicants for Employment Are Serviced By The 502nd EO Office

The 502nd EO is the servicing EEO Office for JBSA, Fort Sam Houston employees, and applicants for employment that feel they may have been discriminated against.
For Information, or to Schedule an Appointment, with the 502nd EO Office:
Call: 210-221-7798 or email: usaf.jbsa.502-abw.mbx.502-abw-eo@mail.mil
502nd Air Base Wing Equal Opportunity Office 2250 Engineer Street, Bldg 4196,
JBSA-Fort Sam Houston 78234

Who Does the 502nd EO Office Services?

  • Air Force Active Duty Military, Retirees and Dependents
  • Current and Former Air Force Civilian Employees (both APF/NAF)
  • Current and Former Army Civilian Employees (both APF /NAF)
  • Applicants for Air Force and Army Civilian Employment
  • Contract Employees (case-by-case basis)


When to Contact the 502nd?

Federal Civilian Employees, Current and Former Employees, or Applicants for Employment: Must contact the EO Office within 45 calendar days of an incident, effective date of a personnel action, or date you were made aware of the event if you wish to initiate a pre-complaint.
Air Force Activity Duty Military, Family Members, or Retirees: Must contact the EO Office within 60 calendar days of an incident/action if you wish to file a formal complaint.

What Happens After You Call the EO Office?

  • An EO staff member will conduct an initial interview with you to determine the allegations surrounding your claim.
  • The staff member will explain the EEO/MEO process, potential options available to you that address your concerns.
  • If you chose to proceed, then EO staff will explain your rights and responsibilities to begin the appropriate process.

Equal opportunity is the right of all personnel and applicants for federal employment. Civil rights laws, DoD, Air Force and Army policies protect active duty military, federal employees, applicants for employment and other civilians from harassment and discrimination based on race, color, sex (pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), religion, national origin and sexual harassment. Civilians are additionally protected from age (over 40), disability (physical or mental), genetic information discrimination and reprisal (for prior EEO activity). All employment decisions will be made without regard to these factors and will be made fairly and equitably based on merit principles. EEO/MEO efforts are aimed to remove any barriers to employment so that a diverse workforce evolves and all personnel can participate fully and successfully.