Which Ranger?

First, determine what role the new user will have on your team.

Red Ranger:

Chief point of contact for the IMCOM Enterprise Web at the garrison. When the garrison is responsible for something, this is the first person on the call list. Otherwise, the person is a Black Ranger.

Black Ranger:

A member of the website team at the installation, with authority and permission to edit any item on the garrison site. 

Pink Ranger:

A person designated to manage a subsection of the garrison site, such as a directorate, tenant or senior command site. The Pink Ranger has publishing privileges within his or her subsite.

Yellow Ranger:

A person designated to work on, perhaps manage, a subsection of the garrison site. The Yellow Ranger can add and remove pages within the section but CANNOT publish.

Blue Ranger:

Appointed to manage a single block or limited copy on a page. Must be supervised/reviewed by a Site or Page Manager who takes full responsibility for the content posted by this individual. The Blue Ranger CANNOT publish. 

Green Ranger:

This is the kahuna at the IMCOM headquarters. A mystery to many, the Green Ranger serves many roles, provides many services, speaks with many voices. You will find the Green Ranger guarding the organization, building and repairing the technical infrastructure, serving as technical liaison and troubleshooter extraordinaire, mentoring and guiding installation users, and standing as the nearly quixotically optimistic Information System Owner (ISO) behind the paperwork. Every aspect of the Green Ranger is available via Teams, email or phone and is eager to help.