Provide the best quality unaccompanied housing in order to preserve and enhance the All-Volunteer Force and reinforces our commitment to providing a quality of life commensurate with their service and sacrifice to the nation. 

Basic principles:

1. Support the Mission:  Provide Senior Commanders flexibility to ensure single Soldiers are afforded
    world-class living arrangements.
2. Take care of Soldiers:  Provide quality accommodations and furnishings.  Minimize changes to Soldier room assignments.  Maintain good order, discipline, health, and welfare.
3. Use resources wisely:  Ensure the effective, efficient, and equitable management and use of unaccompanied housing.
4. First Sergeants is the Face of the Army Barracks Management Program ABMP:  First Sergeants will execute day-to-day barracks operations, and integrate ABMP into NCO training core competencies.
5. ABMP:  · Promotes accountability and ensures quality facilities and furnishings

Unit Roles:

• Maintain good order and discipline
• Manage barracks using Enterprise Military Housing, eMH database
• Address maintenance and repair issues
• Participate in partnering sessions
• Enforce, conduct assignments and terminations procedures, inspections

Garrison Roles:

• Train, mentor, and partner with unit leaders
• Manage certificates of non-availability
• Ensure program compliance and reporting
• Conduct maintenance and repair
• Perform master planning, annual and long-range work plans and project management
• Perform Installation Status Report services and  infrastructure inspections
• Ensure responsible budget stewardship and accountability
• Real Property Management; establish unit footprint

Soldiers' Roles:

• Following established rules of conduct and joint occupancy of living in quarters
• General housekeeping, such as cleanliness of room, closets, kitchenette, latrines, appliances, shared space, common areas
• Actively promote energy conservation
• Report incidents of vandalism, neglect
• Responsible for visitors’ actions, negligence
• Report all maintenance requirements


The Army’s database of record for First Sergeants, Company Commanders, Supply NCOs to execute day-to-day barracks operations
• DoD’s web-based housing management system authorized for use in barracks management
• Secure, electronic management tool for barracks room assignments, terminations, furnishings accountability, inspections, utilization, and reporting are properly managed
• Provides leaders with real-time data on where Soldiers live, occupancy status, maintenance requirements, and inspection history
• Enables leaders to cross-level assets at battalion and brigade levels to ensure equitable distribution of barracks across the installation